Dr. Caspar Daniel Adenutsi


Research Areas/Interests

Fluid flow in porous media using experimental and mathematical techniques Application of nanotechnology in enhanced oil recovery Pore structure charac...~more


Dr. Caspar Daniel Adenutsi is a petroleum reservoir engineer by training with research experience in porous media fluid flow and special core analysis, nano-enhanced oil recovery, low permeability reservoir characterization and fractal analysis as well as the application of artificial intelligence in the petroleum industry.

The research of Dr. Adenutsi is driven by the quest to solve problems associated with production of petroleum from challenging reservoirs at low costs and in an environmentally friendly manner. The fundamental tool to achieve this is by applying mathematical models supported by laboratory experiments at the pore scale to understand fluid/rock interactions as well as fluid flow mechanisms. This has led to many publications in top-tier international peer-reviewed journals in the field of petroleum engineering such as the Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Energies, the Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Oil & Gas Science and Technology and the Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology.

Dr. Adenutsi is a reviewer for top-tier journals including the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering (Elsevier) and Energy Exploration and Exploitation (Sage Publishing). Furthermore, he serves as a reviewer for the International Conference on Energy Engineering and Environmental Protection (EEEP) where he was recognized as the Best Reviewer in 2019.

He had industrial experience while working with the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation. He worked offshore aboard the semi-submersible drilling rig, the Erik Raude, during the Phase-1 Development of the Jubilee Field. He also had the opportunity to be trained in production operations at the Saltpond Field aboard the production platform the Mr. Louie. While pursuing his Doctoral program Dr. Adenutsi worked with researchers from the Yanchang Oilfield in the Ordos Basin of China.

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