Dr. Obed Nii Broohm


Dept: Language and Communication Sciences
Department of Language and Communication Sciences,
Faculty of Social Sciences,KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana.
Office address: Second Floor, IDL Building, KNUST.

Email: obed.broohm@knust.edu.gh

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Research Areas/Interests

Morphology and Morphological Theory, Syntax, Phonology and Language Documentation. ...~more


Dr. Obed Nii Broohm holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Verona, Italy, as well as MPhil/BA from the University of Ghana. His research interests lie in Morphological Theory, comparative Kwa morpho-syntax, Phonology and Language Documentation. Dr. Broohm has been working extensively on Esahie, a cross-border Kwa language.  Dr. Broohm enjoys teaching, and researches on several aspects of Linguistics including Morphology and Morphological Theory, Phonology and Phonological Theory, Syntax-Phonology Interface, as well as language documentation. He  also consults on Esahie in the AFRANAPH project (an open-access database of grammatical sketches of African languages), based at Rutgers University, USA. Dr. Broohm peer-reviews for a number of journals including Journal of African Languages and Linguistics, Studies in African Linguisitcs, Journal of West African Languages, Nordic Journal of African Studies, Contemporary Journal of African Studies and Ghana Journal of Linguistics.

Visit Dr. Broohm's ORCIDResearchGate and Google Scholar profiles for more. 

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