Dr. Felix Jojo Fianko Ayeh


Dept: Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Department - College of Engineering

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Dr. Ayeh is a Lecturer of Geotechnical Engineering in the Civil Engineering Department of KNUST. His academic and research interests are in the field of engineering behaviour of laterites and lateritic soil, resilience and sustainability of low volume rural roads, and site characterization. He is familiar with geophysical surveys for subsurface ground investigations. He is a high performing geotechnical engineer and researcher with a demonstrated capacity to perform and monitor in-situ testing, sampling and quality control of soil laboratory tests. He has expertise in the use of modern equipment for testing soils including the automated triaxial testing system; use of tensiometer for suction measurement in the field and laboratory; DCP for field monitoring of soil behaviour; etc. He is responsible for the planning, organization and coordination of activities of the geotechnical research group in KNUST. He is a member of the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE).

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