Dr. Dickson Adom


Dept: Educational Innovations in Science and Technology
PMB, University Post Office, EIST, KNUST, Ghana

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Research Areas/Interests

African Art and Culture, Anthropology, and Art for Biodiversity Conservation   Traditional Ecological Knowledge for Biodiversity Conservation Cu...~more

Research Projects (Current and Past)

  1. Art Installation for Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Education in Ghana


Dr. Adom has partnered with some visual artists in Ghanaian universities and private enterprises on a reserch project on the use of Art installations for biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability education. He has kickstart this project with a collaboration with some lecturers amd students in the Department of Industrial Art of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana on the production of textile art installation projects fimed at campaigning against deforestation in the nature reserves, wildlife depletion in the zoological parks and gardens as well as in the wildlife sanctuaries in Ghana. The first phase of the project has been completed and published at the Journal of Urban Culture Research. There is another ongoing art installation project aimed at ending the plastic pollution in the marine biodiversity in some lagoons, lakes and major water bodies in some parts of Ghana.


  1. Empasizing the Inclusion of Local People and their Cultural Traditions in Ecotourism Projects in Sacred Groves, Nature Reserves, Zoological Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Ghana


Dr. Adom has led many ecotourism projects where he has advocated the active involvement of local people as well as placing emphasis on their cultural traditions as catalysts for patronising sacred grove and wildlife sanctuaries in Ghana. Typical examples of his projects are with the Tanoboase sacred grove in the Bono East Region, the Bomfobiri Wildlife Santuary and the Kwantakese sacred grove in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The findings of the completed studies have been published with the Nature Conservation Research Journal and Elsevier’s Scientific African Journal, amongst others.


  1. Greening Ghanaian Cultural Festivals as Avenues for Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Sustainability


In his greening cultural festivals research project, Dr. Adom has started partnering with festival organizing committees in using the festival events for the planting indigenous medicinal plants aimed at flora conservation and promotion of traditional medicine for primary health care especially in rural regions of Ghana. He has plans of securing a research grant from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts in expanding the project to all the cultural festvals and events in Ghana as platforms for biodiversity conservation training and education. His studies on cultural festivals and how they could be tailored for biodiversity conservation have been published in various refereed and high impact journals such as the Ghana Social Science Journal, World Environment Journal, etc.


  1. Breaking the Culture of Silence among Rural Female Workers in Ghana


Also, Dr. Adom has started a research project on ‘breaking the culture of silence towards women empowerment’ aimed at exploring the culture of silence among female workers in traditional enterprises in rural regions that has resulted in poor conditions of service for women. He is currently working with some women glass bead makers in both the Ashanti and Eastern Regions of Ghana. The findings of the first phase of the project is soon to be published in the Elsevier’s Safety and Health at Work Journal.


  1. Digitization of Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Sustainable Development


This research project led by Dr. Adom aims at using digital technologies in preserving and promoting the study and use of Indigenous Knowledge Systems for the preservation of Ghanaian cultural heritage and aid in general sustainable development particularly in biodiversity conservation, environment and cultural education. He secured a grant from the Egyptian government for the first phase of the project which was presented at the ‘African Art and Culture in a Changing World’ conference organized by the Suprerme Council of Culture, Egypt in November 2019.


  1. Training on the professional development of teachers, researchers and students in Research and Academic Writing as well as Educational Pedagogical Skills


Dr. Adom has partnered with some capacity-building organizations and publishers in organizing workshops and webinars where he serves as a facilitator and course director on such programs. He has been instrumental in the webinars by the Association of Art Teachers Ghana, Royallite Global Academy and Publishing, as well as the Publons Academy.


  1. Organization of Educational Contests on Art, Art History, Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability Education


Dr. Adom, through his Blessing Minds Consult, has organized educational contests in Visual Arts and Art History for Visual Art students in some Senior High Schools in Ghana. Also, he has championed a project on educational contests for Environmental Sustainability Education in the various Senior High Schools using the cultural iconography such as the Adinkra symbols of Ghana.


  1. Writing Textbooks as a Solution to the Scarcity of Reading Materials in Some Subjects Studies at the Basic, Junior and Senior High Schools in Ghana


Through his private enterprise, Adom Series Publications Limited, Dr. Adom has led and collaborated with some scholars in writing various textbooks approved by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), the legal body mandated by the Ghana government in approving textbooks and other reading materials to be used by educational institutions in the country. Some of these books are on General Knowledge in Art, Creative Art, Graphic Design, Picture Making, I.C.T., Basic Design and Technology, amongst others.

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