Dr. Alice Korkor Ebeheakey


Dept: Educational Innovations in Science and Technology
Department of Educational Innovations in Science and Technology
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Research Areas/Interests

Contemporary African Art Diaspora Art and Culture Art and Ethnography Cultural Studies...~more


Dr Alice Korkor Ebeheakey is an Africanist, artist, art critic and researcher and a Senior Member with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). In her work and research, she looks out for possible answers to the problems that contemporary societies face, in the ancient epistemological thoughts, arts and theories of Africa. Her studies hinge on the ‘sankofa’ (a bird facing forward with its head turned backwards reaching for an egg [This means going back to retrieve pertinent aspects of culture]) philosophy of the native Akan society in Ghana. This, in her opinion will provide a cross-disciplinary exposure to Africa leading to the decolonization of all facets of life in Africa.

Her research interests include Contemporary African Art, Africa Diaspora Art and Culture, Ethnographic and Indigenous Cultural Studies, and African Ethnic Studies. Her determination is to use her research to present ideologies that deal with a unification of thoughts towards achieving an amalgamated understanding of Africa.

Dr Ebeheakey is currently serving as a peer reviewer for the African Journal of History and Culture (AJHC), Philosophy Papers and Review (PPR) and International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies (IJEAPS). She is currently exploring through research, ways of bridging the gap between indigenous peoples and art practices and the contemporary anthropological ideologies.

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