Dr. John Boulard Forkuor

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Sociology and Social Work
Social Science New Block
TF 22D, KNUST, Kumasi

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Research Areas/Interests

1. Transformation in urban areas and its implication for urban social life 2. Gender Studies 3. Informal sector occupations in urban areas 4. Social e...~more

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    Akuoko, K. O., Ofori-Dua, K., & Forkuor, J. B. (2013). Women making ends meet: street hawking in Kumasi, challenges and constraints. Michigan Sociological Review, 27, 25-43.

    Forkuor, D., Kyei, P. O., Forkuor, J. B. (2013) ‘Land use changes and its effects on the provision of social facilities to residents of the Kumasi Metropolis of Ghana’, Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, 6(3), 324-332

    Forkuor, J. B., Akuoko, K.O., Yeboah E. H., Rheinlander, T. &Samuelsen, H (2016). Food vending among men in Kumasi: Socio-cultural advantages, constraints and coping strategies. International Journal of Social Science Studies, 4(2), 94-102

    Forkuor, J. B., Samuelsen, H., Yeboah E. H., Rheinlander, T. & Akuoko, K.O.(2017)The regulation of street foods: Experiences of front-line regulators in Ghana. Urban Forum, 1-19, DOI: 10.1007/s12132-017-9309-0

    Forkuor, J. B., Akuoko, K.O. & Yeboah E. H. (2017) Negotiation and management strategies of street vendors in developing countries: A narrative review. SAGE Open, January-March 2017, 1-13, DOI: 10.1177/2158244017691563

    Ofori-Dua, K., Akuoko, K.O., Barnie, A., Kwarteng, J. Y. & Forkuor J. B (2015) Prison without walls: Perception about community service as an alternative to imprisonment in Kumasi Metropolis, Ashanti Region, Ghana. International Journal of Social Science Studies, 3(6), 130-142


    Forkuor, J. B., Akuoko, K.O. &Yeboah E. H. (2016) Effective and Inclusive Regulation of Street Foods in Kumasi: Promoting Food Safety, Protecting Consumers and Enhancing the Wellbeing of Food Vendors, Policy Brief, DANIDA Ghana Street Foods Project, KNUST. Available at: http://dfcentre.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/2017-03-27_11-P21-GHA-Kwasi-Ohene-Yankyera.pdf

    Ankar-Brewoo, G., Forkuor, J. B. & Mensah, J. O. (2016) Street foods and food fraud. Paper presented at the 1st National Conference on Food Fraud, held on 27th January 2016, College of Science, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology under the theme Combating food fraud: A multi-disciplinary approach.

    Forkuor, J. B., Akuoko, K.O., Rheinlander, T., Yeboah E. H., &Samuelsen, H (2015) Regulation of street foods: experiences of front-line regulators in Ghana. Paper presented at the Conference of the Ghana Sociological and Anthropological Association, held in Accra from 26 to 28 November 2015.

    Manful, E., Azumah D. F., Mainoo O. G., Forkuor, J. B., Gyasi-Boadu, N. & Ofori-Dua, K. (2017) Gender differences of psychosocial implications of sexual abuse: A survey of victims in Ghana. Gender & Behaviour, 15(3), 9570-9583

    Forkuor, J. B., Ofori-Dua, K., Forkuor, D. & Obeng B. (2018) Culturally sensitive social work practice: Lessons from social work practitioners and educators in Ghana. Qualitative Social Work, 1-16, DOI:10.1177/1473325018766712 

    Forkuor, J. B., Kanwetuu, V., Ganee, E. M. & Ndemole, I. K (2018) Bride price and the state of marriage in North West Ghana. International Journal of Social Science Studies, 6(9), 34-43

    Forkuor, J. B., Buari, M. A. & Aheto, C. K. A (2019) Breaking barriers: The experiences of women in male dominated informal sector occupations in urban Ghana. Gender Issues, 1-19

    Forkuor, J. B., Amarteifio, J., Attoh, D. O. & Buari, M. A. (2019) Students' perception of cheating and the best time to cheat during examinations. The Urban Review, 51(3), 424-443

    Salihs, S. A., Forkuor, J. B. & Boamah, V. E. (2019) Post-birth challenges among working mothers in a higher educational institute in Ghana: Implications for occupational competitiveness of working mothers. International Journal of Social Science Studies, 7(6), 123-132

    Forkuor, J. B., Deku, C. & Agyemang E. (2021) The dilemma of vulnerable groups during lockdown: Implications for social work education and practice in Ghana. The Thinker, 87(2), 43-47


    Agyemang, E.,  Forkuor, J. B. & Obeng, B. (2021) Reasons, practices and procedures that bring mothers to the streets as street beggars: A qualitative study of mothers with twin children begging on the streets of Ghana. Journal of Social Development in Africa, 35(2), 61-92

    Odongo, D. A., Forkuor, J. B., Ofori-Dua, K., Mensah, J. D. & Dwumah, P. (2021) The nature and extent of healthcare provision for people with intellectual disabilities in Ghana: A qualitative study. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities. 2021, 1-20

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