Dr. Yunus Dumbe

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests

Religious movements Religion and politicsSalafi revivalTijaniyya revival...~more


    2009         Yunus Dumbe Salafism and its Impact on Sufi Movements in the Cape"

                     In Annual Review of Islam in Africa.  Issue 10. Pp-22-27.

    2011          Yunus Dumbe and Abdulkader Tayob Salafis in Cape Town in Search of Purity,

                      Certainty and Social Impact”. Die Welt Des Islam Journal, Vol 51 (2011).Pp-188-209.

    2011           Yunus Dumbe Salafi Praxis of Constructing Religious Identity in Africa: A Comparative

                       Perspective of the Movement’s Growth in Cape Town and Accra”. Islamic Africa Journal,

                       Vol 2, No 2. Pp-87-116

    2013            Yunus Dumbe “Islamic Revivalism in Contemporary Ghana. Södertörn University Press,

                       Stockholm. Sweden.

    2015            Dumbe Y, Eshun G and Gedzi S. V “ Salafis and the Politics of Nationalism among Migrant

                        Muslims in Ghana. Africa Insight. Vol 45, No 2. Pp- 41-58.

    2016            Gedzi, V.S. Dumbe, Y and Eshun G Religious Resources and Environmental Management

                         in Ghana. Environmental Practice 18 (3) Pp 137-147

    2016             Gedzi, V. S., Eshun, G and Dumbe, Y., “Field of Power: A Religio-Cultural Analysis of

                         Trokosi in Ghana.”Political Science Journal. Volume 1.01. Pp- 122 – 142.

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