Sheikh Seebaway Muhammed Zakaria

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests


It all started in 2008 when I became a part-time lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies, KNUST. I was then a full-time lecturer at the Islamic University College, Ghana. After three years of shuttling between Accra and Kumasi, the situation changed. I became a full-time lecturer in KNUST and a part-time lecturer at the Islamic University. The weekly journeying between Accra and Kumasi continued for another two years until I gave up the part-time teaching at the Islamic University. It has been an eventful ten years in KNUST as I managed to become a senior lecturer before going on retirement three years ago and also completing my PhD while on a post-retirement contract. My PhD thesis is titled: Reflections on Dagbani Proverbs, Islamic Ethical Paradigms, and African Philosophy. The thesis is the culmination of my academic journey through a Diploma in Islamic Studies (Legon)  Bachelor of Arts in Arabic and Philosophy (Legon) and Master of Philosophy in African Studies. (Legon). My research and academic interests are in African and Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Medicine and Healing as well as Sufism (Islamic Mysticism).

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