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    Koranteng, C., Simons, B., Wireko-Manu, F. A Thermal Performance Study of Four Communities in Ghana’s Savannah Region, Journal of Engineering, Construction and Management, › ECAM-07-2020-0572 › full › pdf


    Nyame-Tawiah, L. Attuah, C. Koranteng (2020). Determination of the Effect of Green Roofs on Indoor Temperature Using Simulation in a Tropical Landscape. Journal of Scientific Research & Reports, 26(4): 12-28, Article no. JSRR.56243, ISSN: 2320-0227


    Koranteng, C., Simons, B., Nyame-Tawiah, D., (2019). Green to Grey: An Urban Heat Assessment of Kumasi, Ghana. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 9(12), pp. 751-763, ISSN: 2581-8627


    Koranteng, C., Simons, B., Essel, C., (2019). Climate Responsive Buildings: A Comfort Assessment of Buildings on KNUST Campus, Kumasi. Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 17 (5): pp. 862-877., ISSN: 1726-0531


    Koranteng, C., Simons, B., Awume, J., (2019). Evolution of Spatial Configurations in Ghana’s Housing Development: The Case of Private Apartment Buildings in Ghana. African Journal of Applied Research, 5 (2): pp. 12-23, ISSN: 2408-7920


    Koranteng, C., Simons, B., Selorm, F., (2019). Audit of Auditoriums in an Academic Setting, Ghana. Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research, 7, pp. 99-114, ISSN: 2320-0227


    Gyimah K. A., S. Amos-Abanyie and Koranteng C. (2019). A Review on Approaches and Tools Used in Assessing Indoor Environmental Quality, Journal of Building Performance, 10 (1), 68-69, ISSN: 2180-2106


    Koranteng, C., Nkrumah, J., Simons, B., (2016). Glass Facades in Contemporary Architecture: The Case of Multi-Storey Office Buildings in Accra, Ghana. Journal of Scientific Research and Studies, 3 (1): pp. 6-12, ISSN: 2375-8791


    Koranteng C., Simons B., Nyame-Tawiah, D. (2016). Is It Necessary to Cool Residential Homes? A Bioclimatic Analysis of Window Position and Sizes on Indoor Comfort in the Tropics, Global Journal of Engineering Science and Research Management, 3(1), 6-15, ISSN 2348-8034


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