Prof. (Mrs.) Victoria Attoh-Kotoku

Associate Professor

Research Areas/Interests

Climate Change effects on reproduction of Livestock. Nutrition and Production of Livestock and Poultry. Impact of Climate change on Feed a...~more


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    2. Sasu, P., Attoh-Kotoku, V., Osafo, E. L. K., Anim Jnr, A. S., Kwaku, M., Osman, A. and Abdul Aziz, Y. (2021). Comparative nutritional assessment of the leaves of some selected tropical bamboo and conventional grass forages for ruminant livestock production. Proceedings of the 1st joint GSAP/GASA Conference, UDS-ICC, Tamale, Ghana. ‘’Sustainable Rearing for Food and Jobs in the Era of Covid-19: The Role of stakeholders in the Animal Industry’’, 24th – 27th August, 2021. pp. 460 - 474.
    3. Attoh-Kotoku, V., Neequaye, F. A., Forson, E. K., Donkoh, A. and Tweneboah, G. K. (2020). Nutrient digestibility of rabbits fed varying levels of sugarcane rind meal (SCR). Proceedings of the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) Annual Conference, 2020 The Challenge of change 30th March to 1st April, 2020, Nottingham, UK. pp. 51.
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    5. Attoh-Kotoku, V., Emikpe, B. O., Obuadey. D., Ishola, O., Osafo, E. K. Donkoh, A. and Folitse, R. (2018). Patterns and direct financial implications of contagious pleuropneumonia in cattle slaughtered in Kumasi abattoir, Ghana. Animal Research International, 15(1): 2937 - 2943.
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    9. Attoh-Kotoku, V., Olusola, O. O., Osafo, F. and Omojola, A. B. (2016). Whole Unfermented African locust bean flour (WUALBF) Parkia biglobosa (jacq) Benth as a Non-Conventional Extender in Frankfurter-type sausage. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production, 43(2): 370 – 377.
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    13. Atawalna, J., Attoh-Kotoku, V. and Ewura, S. (2015). Prevalence of indigestible foreign materials in small ruminants slaughtered at the Kumasi abattoir of Ghana. International Journal of Livestock Research, 5(11): 1 – 7.
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    15. Babatunde Omojola, A., Saheed Ahmed, A., Attoh-Kotoku, V. and Ikani Wogar, G. S. (2015). Effect of cooking methods on cholesterol, mineral composition and formation of total heterocyclic aromatic amines in Muscovy drake meat. Journal of Science, Food and Agriculture, 95: 98 – 102.
    16. Kwadwo, O., Atuahene, C. C., Attoh-Kotoku, V., and Adjei, M. B. (2014). The growth performance, carcass and haematological characteristics of broiler chickens fed alkaline-treated tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus) residue meal. Journal of Animal Science Advances, 4(10): 1068 – 1081.
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