Dr. Amos Mensah

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Extension
NCB-Ground Floor, Room 1

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Research Areas/Interests

SPECIALIZATION: RESEARCH & TEACHING Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (Efficiency and Productivity Measurement) Agribusiness an...~more

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    PUBLICATIONS (Peer Reviewed Journals)

    • D. Thesis “Performance of the Fruit Crop Industry in Ghana: Empirical Results and Policy Implications” at SUB-Göttingen-eDiss and in GAUSS. This research focuses on the estimation of technical inefficiency and technology gaps effects in the Ghanaian fruit crop industry. The methodological framework is based on the stochastic production frontier analysis approach with extension to multiple outputs. Special attention is directed at the impact of policy changes on farm households in rural areas. The linkage between the areas of productivity growth and policy reform in an export market-oriented industry is at the core of the research agenda. http://ediss.uni-goettingen.de/handle/11858/00-1735-0000-0023-995C-0
    • Profit efficiency among maize farmers and implications for poverty alleviation and food security in Ghana. Paper published by Scientific African (ScienceDirect). Received 22 January 2019, Revised 7 September 2019, Accepted 10 October 2019, Available online 15 October 2019. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2468227619307677
    • Drivers of Technical Efficiency and Technology gaps in Ghana’s Mango Production Sector: a Stochastic Metafrontier Approach. Paper published by the African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AfJARE). Vol. 11, No 2, June 2016.
    • http://www.afjare.org/resources/issues/vol_11_no2/2%20Mensah%20%20Brummer.pdf

    • A Multi-Output Production Efficiency Analysis of Commercial Banana Farms in the Volta Region of Ghana: A Stochastic Distance Function Approach. Paper published by the African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AfJARE). Vol. 11, No 4, December 2016. afjare.org/resources/issues/vol_11_no4/5.%20Mensah%20%26%20Brummer.pdf

    • Determinants of MD2 Adoption, Production Efficiency and Technology Gaps in the Ghanaian Pineapple Production Sector. Paper published by the Ghana Journal of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (GJAEAB). Vol. 1, No 1, August 2018.

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