Miss Ama Darkwah Osei Assibey Antwi

Assistant Lecturer

Dept: Land Economy
Department of land economy, opposite central classroom block.

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Research Areas/Interests

Facility Management  Internet of things , Sustainability and green construction, smart infrastructures and cities Indoor environment qualit...~more

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    Impact of Improved indoor environment on recovery from Covid - 19 Infections: A review of literature June 2022 

    • This research, published in the Facilities Journal on Emerald Insight on June 9th 2022, presented a comprehensive literature review on how the improved indoor environment on the recovery from Covid - 19 infections. Extant literature on the impact of the four themes of the indoor environment and the recovery rates was reviewed. 


    • The study findings identified that air pollutants, air conditioned places, low ambient temperatures, poor ventilation and no views of the outdoor environment were deteriorating factors for Covid - 19 patients. On the other hand, proper ventilation, the use of cleaners, views of the outdoor environment and allowance for ample daylighting were improvement factors for Covid - 19 patients. The interrelationship of the various concepts was presented in an ontology chart.   

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