Dr. (Mrs.) Dorcas Ohui Owusu


Dept: Theoretical and Applied Biology
Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology
AK- 384-7845
JW Acheampong Close, KNUST

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Research Areas/Interests

(i) Infectious Diseases (Viral hepatitis, TB disease): identifying components of disease aetiology and management that can be influenced for better he...~more




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    Published Articles

    • Jonathan Kofi Adjei, Wilfred Aniagyei, Ernest Adankwah, Julia Seyfarth, Ertan Mayatepek, Daniel Antwi Berko, Nancy Ackam, Max Efui Annani-Akollor, Samuel Asamoah Sakyi, Yaw Ampem Amoako, Dorcas Owusu, Marc Jacobsen, Richard Odame Phillips “Memory B-cells are enriched in the blood of patients with acute Buruli ulcer disease: a prospective observational study” BMC Infect Dis 23, 393 (2023) Jun. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12879-023-08370-1
    • Hubert Senanu Ahor, Rebecca Schulte, Ernest Adankwah, Jean De Dieu Harelimana, Difery Minadzi, Isaac Acheampong, Monika M Vivekanandan, […...], Dorcas O. Owusu et al. “Monocyte pathology in human tuberculosis is due to plasma milieu changes and aberrant STAT signaling” Immunology May 2023;1–13. doi: 10.1111/imm.13659
    • Owusu DO, Adankwah E, Aniagyei W, Acheampong I, Minadzi D, Yeboah A, Arthur JF, Lamptey M, Vivekanandan M, Abass MK, Kumbel F, Yeboah FO, Gawusu A, Debrah LB, Debrah A, Mayatepek E, Seyfarth J, Phillips RO and Jacobsen M. “BCG vaccinated children with contact to tuberculosis patients show delayed conversion of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific IFNγ release” 2023 Vaccines Apr 11;4 doi.org/10.3390/vaccines11040855
    • Sarfo FS, Akpa OM, Ovbiagele B, Akpalu A, Wahab K, Obiako R, Komolafe M, Owolabi L, Ogbole G, Fakunle A, Okekunle AP. Owusu DO et al., “Patient-level and system-level determinants of stroke fatality across 16 large hospitals in Ghana and Nigeria: a prospective cohort study”. Apr 2023 The Lancet Global Health. 1;11(4):e575-85.
    • Deberu ON, Acheampong G, Nkrumah B, Ayisi-Boateng NK, Afriyie SO, Agyapong FO, Owusu DO, Mutocheluh M, Abdul-Karim A, El-Duah P, Sylverken AA. Owusu M. “Microbial Organisms in the Lower Respiratory Tract Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Cross-Sectional Study in Northern Ghana”. COVID. Mar 2023 29;3(4):440-51
    • Monika M Vivekanandan, Ernest Adankwah, Wilfred Aniagyei, Isaac Acheampong, Augustine Yeboah, Joseph F Arthur, Millicent NK Lamptey, Mohammed K Abass, Amidu Gawusu, Francis Kumbel, Francis Osei-Yeboah, Linda Batsa Debrah, Dorcas O Owusu, Alexander Debrah, Ertan Mayatepek, Julia Seyfarth, Richard O Phillips, Marc Jacobsen “Plasma cytokine levels characterize disease pathogenesis and treatment response in tuberculosis patients”. Infection. Feb 2023 51(1):169-79
    • Aniagyei W, Adjei JK, Adankwah E, Seyfarth J, Mayatepek E, Berko DA, Sakyi SA, Debrah LB, Debrah AY, Hoerauf A, Owusu DO, Phillips RO and Jacobsen M. “Doxycycline Treatment of Mansonella perstans–Infected Individuals Affects Immune Cell Activation and Causes Long-term T-cell Polarization”. Clinical Infectious Diseases. Feb 2023 1;76(3):e1399-407
    • Vivekanandan MM, Adankwah E, Aniagyei W, Acheampong I, Yeboah A, Arthur JF, Lamptey MN, Abass MK, Gawusu A, Kumbel F, Osei-Yeboah F […...], Owusu DO et al. “Impaired T-cell response to phytohemagglutinin (PHA) in tuberculosis patients is associated with high IL-6 plasma levels and normalizes early during anti-mycobacterial treatment”. Infection. Jan 2023 18:1-1. https://doi.org/10.1007/s15010-023-01977-1
    • Jacobsen M, Adjei JK, Aniagyei W, Adankwah E, Seyfarth J, Mayatepek E, Antwi-Berko D, Sakyi SA, Debrah AY, Debrah LB, Owusu DO, Richard O Phillips “T-cell responses against Mycobacterium ulcerans and Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein extracts identify children with Buruli ulcer disease”. Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society. Dec 2022;11(12):575-7.
    • Villa G, Owusu D, Smith C, Azumah M, Abdullahi A, Phillips S, Sayeed L, Austin H, Chadwick D, Phillips RO, Geretti AM. “Liver steatosis and fibrosis in people with human immunodeficiency virus in West Africa and the relationship with hepatitis B virus coinfection”. Hepatology Communications. Nov 2022 ;6(11):3036
    • Abdullahi A, Oladele D, Owusu M, Kemp SA, Ayorinde J, Salako A, Fink D, Ige F, Ferreira IA, Meng B, Sylverken AA., Fehintola Ige, Chika Onwuamah, K. Boadu, Q. Osuolale, J.O. Frimpong, R. Abubakar, A, Okuruawe, G. Liboro, L, Agyemang, N.K. Ayisi-Boateng, O. Odubela, G. Ohihoin, O.Ezechi, J. Kamasah, E. Ameyaw, J. Arthur, D. Kyei, Owusu, O. Usman, S. Mogaji, A. Dada, G. Agyei, S. Ebrahimi, L. Gutierrez, S. Aliyu, R. Doffinger, R. Audu, R. Adegbola, P. Mlcochova, R. Phillips, B. Salako, R. Gupta “SARS-COV-2 antibody responses to AZD1222 vaccination in West Africa”. Nature communications. Oct 2022 17;13(1):1-1.
    • Harelimana JD, Ahor HS, Benner B, Hellmuth S, Adankwah E, Minadzi D, Aniagyei W, Abass MK, Debrah LB, Owusu DO, Mayatepek E. Characterization of Interleukin 7 receptor regulation in monocytes and mediated antimycobacterial immune responses. European Journal of Immunology 2022 Sep (Vol. 52, pp. 90-91 
    • Akowuah E, Acheampong G, Ayisi-Boateng NK, Amaniampong A, Agyapong FO, Senyo Kamasah J, Agyei G, Owusu DO, Nkrumah B, Mutocheluh M, Sylverken AA. Comparable Detection of SARS-CoV-2 in Sputum and Oropharyngeal Swab Samples of Suspected COVID-19 Patients. COVID. 2022 Jun 24;2(7):858-66
    • Hunt M, Phillips R, Hardy Y, Owusu DO, Mitchelmore R, Durrani M, Payne BA, Chadwick DR. Renal mitochondrial toxicity: effects of thymidine analogues and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate in African people with HIV. AIDS. 2022 Jun 1;36(7):1049-51.
    • Harelimana JD, Ahor HS, Benner B, Hellmuth S, Adankwah E, Minadzi D, Aniagyei W, Lamptey M, Arthur J, Yeboah A, Abass MK, Debrah LB, Owusu DO, Mayatepek E, Seyfarth J, Phillips RO, Jacobsen M. Cytokine-induced transient monocyte IL-7Ra expression and the serum milieu in tuberculosis. Eur J Immunol. 2022 June 52(6): 958-969
    • Fred S. Sarfo, Bruce Ovbiagele, Onoja Akpa, Albert Akpalu, Kolawole Wahab, Reginald Obiako, Morenikeji Komolafe, Lukman Owolabi, […...], Dorcas Owusu et al., “Risk Factor Characterization of Ischemic Stroke Subtypes Among West Africans. Stroke. 2022 Jan;53(1):134-44
    • Adankwah E, Harelimana JD, Minadzi D, Aniagyei W, Abass MK, Owusu DO, Mayatepek E, Phillips RO, Jacobsen M. Lower IL-7 Receptor Expression of Monocytes Impairs Antimycobacterial Effector Functions in Patients with Tuberculosis. Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 2021 May;206(10):2430-2440. DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.2001256. PMID: 33911006.
    • Deberu O, Nkrumah B, Sylverken AA, Sambian D, Acheampong G, Amuasi J, Stebleson A, Agboyie D, Yenbaree M, Mensah S, Dombadoh A, Owusu DO, Abdul-Karim A, Owusu M. Common bacteria in sputum or gastric lavage of patients presenting with signs and symptoms of lower respiratory tract infections. Pan Afr Med J. 2021 Apr 20;38:383. doi: 10.11604/pamj.2021.38.383.26333. PMID: 34381527; PMCID: PMC8325465.
    • Adankwah E, Arthur RA, Minadzi D, Owusu DO, Phillips RO, Jacobsen M. Immune response against TB and non-tuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2021 Mar 1;25(3):234-236. doi: 10.5588/ijtld.20.0678. PMID: 33688814.
    • Owusu DO, Phillips R, Owusu M, Sarfo FS, Frempong M “Increased levels of circulating IL-10 in persons recovered from hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection compared with persons with active HCV infection. BMC Res Notes 13, 472 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13104-020-05313-w
    • Owusu DO, Owusu M, Owusu BA. “Human defensins and Th-1 cytokines in hepatitis C viral infection.” The Pan African medical journal vol. 37 103. 29 Sep. 2020, doi:10.11604/pamj.2020.37.103.25211
    • Sarfo FS, Ovbiagele B, Gebregziabher M, Akpa O, Akpalu A, Wahab K, Ogbole G, Akinyemi R, [et al, including Dorcas Owusu], Mayowa Owolabi. “Unraveling the risk factors for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage among West Africans” Neurology. 2020 Mar 10;94(10):e998-1012.
    • Chadwick DR, Barker FJ, Smith C, Perditer O, Hardy Y, Owusu D, Villa G, Sarfo S, Geretti AM, Phillips R. Predictors of long-term progression to chronic kidney disease for people living with HIV in Ghana. In ANTIVIRAL THERAPY 2020 Jan 1 (Vol. 25, pp. A28-A29). 2-4 IDOL LANE, LONDON EC3R 5DD, ENGLAND: INT MEDICAL PRESS LTD
    • Villa G, Abdullahi A, Owusu D, Smith C, Azumah M, Sayeed L, Austin H, Awuah D, Beloukas A, Chadwick D, Phillips R. “Determining virological suppression and resuppression by point-of-care viral load testing in a HIV care setting in sub-Saharan Africa” EClinicalMedicine. 2020 Jan 1;18:100231.
    • Akyar E, Mora N, Luke A, Layden J, Phillips R, Agyarko-Poku T, Owusu D, Helena A, Nahass R. “Hepatitis C-HIV Co-Infection and Observed Risk Factors in Kumasi, Ghana”. InAPHA's 2019 Annual Meeting and Expo (Nov. 2-Nov. 6) 2019 Nov 5. American Public Health Association.
    • Villa G, Abdullahi A, Owusu D, Smith C, Azumah M, Sayeed L, Austin H, Awuah D, Beloukas A, Chadwick D, Phillips R. “Drug resistance profile according to HIV-1 viral load after long-term exposure to antiretroviral treatment in the absence of routine virological monitoring: results from a programmatic cohort in sub-Saharan Africa” In HIV Medicine, Vol. 20, Nov 2019 1, pp. 172-173
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