Prof. Patrick Addo-Fordjour


Research Areas/Interests

Forest ecology, Liana ecology, Ecological networks, Forest Management and Conservation...~more


Patrick Addo-Fordjour is a Professor of Ecology in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana. He holds a PhD degree in Tropical Forest Ecology from Universiti Sains Malaysia. His research interests include (1) forest ecology, with special focus on liana ecology, (2) forest management, (3) biodiversity conservation, and (4) environmental biology. He is a leading expert on lianas in Africa and the world as a whole. His research works on lianas have contributed immensely towards increasing the global understanding of liana ecology. Specifically, he is interested in (i) assessing how ecological communities respond to human disturbance and environmental factors, and its implications for forest management and biodiversity conservation, (ii) assessing patterns in ecological networks, and (iii) documenting indigenous knowledge and uses of plants as a tool for complimenting management and conservation strategies. He is also involved in assessing environmental components (e.g., soils, water) and food crops for heavy metal contamination, and phytoremediating those environmental components. Patrick teaches several undergraduate and postgraduate courses including Principles of Ecology; Principles of Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation; Ecological Consultancy; Sustainable Forest Management, Population and Community Ecology; Scientific Communication; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Environmental Risks; Biosystematics; Principles of Systematics. He organises short courses on Flora and Fauna Baseline Studies in EIA. He has supervised over 20 masters and 5 PhD thesis. He serves as an editor for 4 international peer-reviewed journals. In addition, he is a reviewer for more than 20 peer-reviewed journals. He is an External Examiner for Postgraduate thesis and External Assessor for Academic Staff Promotion of University of Ghana, Legon.



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