Dr. Prince Boakye Frimpong

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Economics
Department of Economics, KNUST

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Research Areas/Interests

Applied Econometrics, Health Economics, Energy Economics, Population Economics, Education Economics...~more

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    1. Gyabaah, K. T., Arthur, E., Novignon, J., and Frimpong, P.B., ``Access to credit and informal firm performance: evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa''', African Review of Economics and Finance, (Accepted for publication).

    2. Adu, G., Dramani, J.B., Oteng-Abayie, E.F., and Frimpong, P.B.. ``Powering the Powerless: The Economic Impact of Rural Electrification in Ghana", Energy, (Under review).

    3. Amporfu, E., Sakyi, D., and Frimpong, P.B., ``Demographic Dividend of Ghana: The National Transfer Accounts Approach", African Review of Economics and Finance, (Under review).

    4. Duodu, E., Baidoo, S., Yusif, H.M., and Frimpong, P.B.. ``Money Supply, Budget Deficit and Inflation Dynamics in Ghana: An Empirical Investigation", International Journal of Emerging Markets, (Under review).

    5. Amporfu, E., Sakyi, D., Frimpong, P.B., Arthur, E., and Novignon, J., ``The distribution of housework among men and women in Ghana: A National Time Transfer Accounts Approach, Journal of Economics of Ageing (Under review)

    6. Dramani, J. B., and Frimpong, P.B.. ``The effect of crude oil price shocks on domestic macroeconomic stability in Ghana", OPEC Energy Review, 44(3): 249-277, DOI:10.1111/opec.12182

    7. Frimpong, P.B., Antwi, A.O., and Brew, S.E.Y. ``Effect of Energy Prices on Economic Growth in the ECOWAS Sub-Region: Investigating the Channels Using Panel Data", Journal of African Business, DOI: 10.1080/15228916.2017.1405706, 2017.

    8. Alagidede, P., Adu, G. and Frimpong, P.B.. ``The Effect of Climate Change on Economic Growth: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa", Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 18(3):417--436, 2016.

    9. Augustt, R.M., Adu, G. and Frimpong, P.B. ``The Nexus between Output Fluctuations and Fiscal Deficits: Empirical Evidence on Ghana", International Journal of Sustainable Economy, 7(2):100--117, 2015.

    10. Frimpong, P.B., and Adu, G. ``Population Health and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Panel Cointegration Analysis", Journal of African Business, 15(1):36--48, 2014.

    11. Frimpong, P.B. ``The Quest for Equity in the Provision of Health Care in Ghana", African Review of Economics and Finance, 4(2): 216--234, 2013.

    12. Adu, G., Marbuah, G., Mensah, J.T., and Frimpong, P.B. ``Macroeconomic Development and Stock Market Performance: A Nonparametric Approach", Journal of Economics and Econometrics, 55(2): 100--129, 2013.

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