Dr. Seth Christopher Yaw Appiah

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests

Dr Appiah's research focuses on social medicine ,infectious disease public health,migrant health. He has specialization in International health, Medic...~more

My full CV

Awards and Recognition

1. April 2021-June 2021- I was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellow by The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences (Canada) in respect of the ‘Mathematics for Public Health (MfPH) program on Integrative Modeling of Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks.

2. December 2019 - I was awarded a 2019- India Council for Medical Research-ICMR /AU-STRC International Fellow to travel to India to study on Epidemiological inferences in Chennai India. Travel, accommodation was provided for my one week stay in Chennai

3. 2016-2019 – I was awarded an African Union Commission Doctoral Research Fellow, AU Addis Ababa. This award was toward my PhD study at the Pan African University Life and Earth Sciences Institute Including Health and Agriculture (PAULESI) University of Ibadan, Nigeria.  A total of USD 47,000  was awarded to cover my living expenses and research cost.

4. 2016-2018. I was awarded a DAAD-Centre for international Health Research Period 1 and 3 scholarships. The scholarship was in support of my PhD Medical Research stay in Munich and home living support in Ghana. A monthly stipend of Euros 1000 and 500 Euros was paid as stipend during stay in Munich and Ghana respectfully.

5. 2015- I was awarded a Save the Children International-University Educational Research (SUPER) Research Fellow. This fellowship led to my travel to Ethiopia to evaluate the Youth In Action Country Programme in Wodia North Zone, Amhara region, Ethiopia. A total stipend of USD 4335 was provided as support for the evaluation activity. Airfare and accommodation was provided.

6. 2013- 2014- I was awarded the KNUST Vice Chancellor -Graduate Research Assistant while I studied for my MPhil Sociology at the  Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-Kumasi. A monthly stipend worth USD 100 was paid.

7. 2012/2013- I was nominated as the overall Best male Christian Apologist- and was awarded by The Church of Pentecost International-Ghana at the Maiden School of Apologetics Bible  School training-Pentecost University College, Ghana.

8. 2003/2004. National Youth Quiz Winner. I won the National Youth Quiz and was awarded by The Church of Pentecost International, PUC Ghana. An honour certificate was awarded

9. 2002-2005. I won a scholarship to study for my Senior Secondary School This was awarded by the Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank Scholarship. An annual scholarship equivalent of USD 200 was paid to support my fees and books

10. 2002-2004-His Royal Highness Otumfour (Asantehene) Educational Scholarship beneficiary. I was awarded an additional Scholarship to support me in my Secondary School Education. A yearly amount equivalent to USD150 was awarded to pay my fees.

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