Dr. Dominic Asamoah

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Computer Science
Dept. of Computer Science


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Research Areas/Interests

Computer Visions, Computer and Data Security, Cloud Computing, Computer Architecture, Imaging and AI, Computer Programming and Algorithm Development....~more


Dr. Dominic Asamoah received his B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Computer Science and MPhil Computer Science in 1986, and 2010 respectively. He Joined the department of Computer Science in 2002. He completed his PhD in Computer Science from KNUST, Ghana, in 2017 with specialization in Computer Visions. He is currently a SENIOR LECTURER at the Department of Computer Science, KNUST. Prior to his appointment as Lecturer at KNUST, Dr. Dominic Asamoah worked as Systems Analyst and Programmer in a lot of Computer Firms both home and abroad. He was a consultant. In the field of computing and security. Dr.  Asamoah also worked as Systems Administrator and Business Analyst with AMMES INT. in UK. After joining KNUST, he studied Advance Computing in South West University – Nanjing in China.  Dr. Dominic Asamoah worked as a Computer Consultant in the corporate for about sixteen years before joining the academia.  His areas of research interest include Computer Visions, Computer and Data Security, Cloud Computing, Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture and, Computer Programming and Algorithm Development.

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