Dr. Emmanuel Ahene


Dept: Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, AMC building, FF15

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Research Areas/Interests

Cyber Security  Cryptography - Provable security Blockchain  Cloud Computing Machine learning  Crypto-applications for Smar...~more


Emmanuel Ahene is a lecturer with demonstrated research and professional expertise in cyber security and machine learning. He is the Co-founder of cyberpassconsult, an international cybersecurity consulting firm that offers IT security consultancy services and training for public and private organizations. In his quest to build human capacity against cybercrimes, Dr. Ahene has provided hands-on training programs for public and private institutions professionals over the years. He has trained more than 120 IT professionals nationwide in reputable public and private institutions. He has cybersecurity research articles published in high-impact journals and has given talks at international and local conferences on cybersecurity in several Asian and African countries. He is also the lead facilitator for the KNUST Short course on cyber security and digital forensics. 

He received his BSc. degree in Computer Science at the University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana. He worked with the NHIA and UMaT as a systems admin and Web programmer respectively in 2013 and 2014. From September 2014 to December 2019, he pursued his Masters and Doctoral degree in Computer Science and Technology (cryptography and network security) at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). During his doctoral studies, he received reputable awards such as the Chinese Scholarship Council's Outstanding student Award 2019 and UESTC's most outstanding International student award 2019.

He is a reviewer for several high-impact journals such as IEEE internet of things, IEEE systems journal, IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Access, Computers, and Electrical Engineering Elsevier, KSII Transactions on Internet & Information Systems, and  IET Information security. He has been awarded as an outstanding reviewer for KSII Transactions on Internet & Information Systems (2020) http://itiis.org/announcement/53 and Computers and Electrical Engineering Elsevier (2017),

His research area includes Cyber Security and Machine learning. Pertaining to cybersecurity, he conducts research in Blockchain, Smart Grid, Cloud Computing, E-health, LBS, email, and E-voting systems. Pertaining to Machine learning he conducts research in adversarial examples, botnet, and malware detection.

So far, he has supervised 1 Ph.D. candidate, 1 Mphil Computer Science, more than 10 MSc. Students and more than 12 Final year undergraduate projects. 

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