Dr. Andrew Selasi Agbemenu


Dept: Computer Engineering
Rm 422
Caesar Block
College of Engineering

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Research Areas/Interests

Analog and Mixed Signal Internet of Things Blockchain AI application in Agric value chain  ...~more


Andrew Selasi Agbemenu has been a lecturer with the Department of Computer Engineering since 2012. He received his BSc. Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, MSc. in Telecommunication Engineering and his PhD in Computer Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah Univerisity of Science and Technology.

Before joining the department, he worked as a System programmer with the University Information Technology Services, where his core responsibilities were setting up and deploying core open-source technologies for user and email management. He was also responsible for configuring and deploying switching, routing and security solutions.

Currently, his research interests are applying AI, Blockchain, and IoT in traceability systems and analogue and mixed-signal design, concentrating on low-power design and data converters. He taught various courses, including VLSI, Fault Diagnosis and Failure Tolerance, Linear Electronic Circuits, Semiconductor Devices and Basic Electronics.

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