Mr. Benjamin Kommey

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Computer Engineering
College of Engineering
Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering
Knust - Kumasi

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Research Areas/Interests

Embedded Systems Hardware Application Development Microcontroller Programming Firmware Programming Software Development  Electronics Comput...~more


EUR ING Dipl-Ing  Benjamin Kommey is an European certified professional engineer (FEANI register number  33677, VDE no. 6209053) and a member of the German Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (VDE/VDI Berlin/ Brandenburg). He had both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Germany, where he studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering  at the Tec6hnical University of  Berlin, Germany.

EUR ING Kommey has extensive industrial experience in hardware development and software programming. He worked for several years as Field Application Engineer  (FAE) with the nanotron Technologies Berlin GmbH, Berlin-Germany. He also worked as Embedded Systems and firmware engineer with the Promess GmbH, Berlin Germany. Other companies he has worked with are Procontour GmbH, Ferchau Engineering and the Bundesdruckerei, all in Germany 

He was a trainee in computer networking, security and access control at the  ABB, Cisco and nbase company. 

Ing. Kommey went through various microcontroller and digital signal processors programming at the Aglaia GmbH, Berlin and wrote his student research paper and postgraduate thesis with the  Heinrich Hertz Institute (Fraunhofer Institute), Berlin, Germany 

After over two decades of stay in Germany, he returned to Ghana to contribute his quota. He has developed, written codes and troubleshoot systems for giant companies such as VW, Rittal, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Deutsche Bahn, Panasonic, Eaton, BundesPolizei, to name but a few. 

Ing. Kommey has a passion for embedded systems. He joined the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, College of Engineering, KNUST in July, 2014. Currently he lectures courses in Semiconductor Devices, Linear Electronics, Object Oriented Programming, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Operating Systems and Computer Vision and Robotics. His postgraduate lecture courses are Embedded Realtime Operating Systems and Intelligent Systems and Robotics


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