Prof. Alfred Alan Duker

Part Time Associate Professor

Research Areas/Interests

Association between trace elements and health effects. The possible imolication of the trace elements and Mycobacterial Ulcerans infections. Mapping w...~more

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Prof. Duker has worked as a lecturer for at least 30 years at KNUST till date.Current research interest has been in the application of Geographic informatioystems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) to the environment and human health. Previous interest, however, had been in the area of Remote sensing application in mapping.

Prof. Duker is a member of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, memeber of the editorial Board of some journals and reviewer of several journals. In respect of area of interest he has worked with RS, geochemical and health data using spatial analysis in search of solutions regarding environmental implications on human health. Research focuses on the use of GIS in the analysis of (geographical) variations in disease or microbial infections. Studies were focused on the pathways of Mycobacterial Ulcerans (MU), arsenic geochcemistry and health effects, as well as association between environmental arsenic and its possible implications in MU infections. This is made possible by analyzing the spatial relations between arsenic (in soil and water) and MU infections.

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