Ms. Ajaratu Lampinley

Assistant Lecturer

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RESEARCH INTEREST Palliative care Diabetes Non-Communicable Diseases Issues Of Domestic Violence Maternal And Neonatal Health And Safety ...~more

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As an assistant lecturer, Ajaratu Lampinley upholds the primary value of enabling students to become advocates for change agents so they can impact locally, nationally, and internationally.

Background in academia and education: Ms. Lampinley has commenced her doctoral studies in nursing at the University of Pretoria, situated in South Africa. She is now working on her plan to create palliative care guidelines specifically for the Muslim community in Ghana.  She also holds a diploma in education, a BSc in nursing, an MPhil in nursing, a diploma in nursing, a certificate in occupational health and safety, and a diploma in general registered nursing.

Teaching Experience: Having worked for the same organization as a part-time Lecturer for the previous two years, she has been an assistant lecturer at KNUST for the past year as a permanent staff. I am currently working as an adjunct lecturer with Ghana College of Nursing's ORL department and a part-time lecturer at Garden City University College. Ms. Lampinley has seven years of experience as a clinician in addition to her thirteen years of substantial teaching experience at two separate Ministry of Health Training Institutions. Her academic experience includes teaching a variety of courses, including Basic Nursing, General Nursing 1, 2, and 3, Ethics, Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Health Promotion, and Environmental and Occupational Health. This experience is from multiple universities and other health training facilities.

She is highly regarded for her ability to engage students and effectively communicate complex scientific concepts in a relatable and accessible manner.

Research and Publications: Ms Lampinley has conducted various research on Diabetes mellitus, and an abstract was published at the  COBREG conference. Other publications on women’s health as well as education. Currently, some of her works are still under review for publication.  

Advocacy and Community Engagement: Recognizing the importance of community engagement and advocacy, Ms Lampinley actively works to bridge the gap between academia and society. She is involved in various community health screenings in deprived Muslim communities. A lot of education on radio and Television to address current challenging health problems. Also involved in mentoring a lot of students in career guidance with the collaboration of other professional bodies.

Overall, Ms. Lampinley's combination of academic expertise, teaching experience, and commitment to community engagement makes her a highly respected lecturer. Her passion for the nursing profession has continued to influence and shape the next generation. She hopes her impact would not just be felt nationally but internationally.



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