Mr. Christopher Addo

Assistant Registrar

Research Areas/Interests

Elearning for Higher Education and Provision of Support Services for Higher Educational Institutions...~more


Christopher Addo began his career with the University in April 2009 when he was appointed a Senior ICT Assistant at the University Information Technology Services (UITS). He was latter appointed in April 2016 as an Assistant Registrar at the Institute of Distance Learning (IDL) and has since served in that capacity. A trained supply chain and logistics management professional with a strong information and communication technology background, solid strategic planning, leadership and interpersonal ability has contributed to Mr Addo’s professional output over the years as an outstanding University Administrator.

He is highly adaptable, flexible and work well in fast-paced environments. He is quick to learn, open-minded and have a natural flair for teamwork. As a dynamic Assistant Registrar, he always identify opportunity in a knowledge sharing environment offering challenge and growth opportunities. He has been involved in capacity building projects that enhance entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability in higher education at KNUST, with subsequent implications for Africa. He is currently on the EEISHEA Erasmus+ project of the European Union as a lead on ELearning.

As an Assistant Registrar at IDL, Mr Addo has the responsibility of managing the Center for Elearning Technologies (CELT) department where he ensures the all activities required by both students and facilitators are carried out on the University Learning Management System (LMS). He is entrusted with the training of facilitators in the preparation of study materials that are relevant for all courses run by the various programmes of IDL. Christopher is also the admissions officer for the IDL responsible for all the admission related issues of the over fifty undergraduate and postgraduate programmes run at the Institute. He has expertise in office administration and higher education management/administration, with research interest in support services for students in higher education.

He is a practicing Christian and fellowships with the Pentecost International Worship Center (PIWC) – Kumasi. He is married with three children.

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