Prof. Monday Omoniyi Moses

Associate Professor

Dept: Physiotherapy and Sports Science
Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Science
Tel: +233(0)322064172

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Research Areas/Interests

Effect of ampe exercise programme on aerobic endurance of obese adolescents. Menstrual cycle and athletic performance: A survey among Female Univer...~more

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    1. Owusu Ansa, E. O., Mprah, K. W., Moses, M. O., Owusu, I., & Acheampong, E. (2021). Effect of Community-Based Functional Aerobic Training on Motor Performance and Quality of Life of Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences, 31(2):381-392. DOI:
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    4. Mensah, T., Moses, M.O., & Domfeh, C. (2020). Anthropometric and Motor Performance Characteristics of Male Soccer Players in Public Universities. Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine, 32(4): 15–26 15. DOI: 10.18276/cej.2020.4-02
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    6. Moses, M.O., Emikpe, A.O., Moses, M.K., & Emikpe, B.O. (2020). Combating COVID-19 Lockdown Inactivity in the African Population: Use of Cultural Practices and One Health Approach. Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences, 35 (1): 4 – 9. PMID: 33084622
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