Dr. Saint Andrews Sackey

Part Time Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests

Biomechanics & Motor control Growth and Development Neuromuscular adaptations...~more


After completing his undergraduate degree with first class honours, Dr. Sackey obtained a schorlarship from the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences to pursue a Masters programme in Sport Science at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. At Stellenbosch University, Dr. Sackey's excellent academic record led to his Masters thesis being upgraded to PhD. He again obtained a bursary from the International Programmes Office of Stellenbosch University to pay research visits to some of the Sport Science institutions in Europe (KU Leuven, Belgium; Rhur University Bochum, Germany). 

Dr. Sackey is a specialist in Sports Biomechanics. He is a highly sort after performance analyst who has supported athletes at high profile competitions (Diamond leagues, and IAAF world championship). His reserch focus has been within performance enhancement, injury reduction, and mobile sports equipment.

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