Dr. (Mrs.) Grace Ofori-Abebrese

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Economics
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Research Areas/Interests

Finance and economic policy issues...~more

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    1. Ofori-Abebrese G., Kamasa K. and Pickson B. R. (2016) Investigating the Nexus between Stock Exchange and Economic Growth in Ghana. British Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences 122 March 2016, Vol. 11 (1) © 2016 British Journals ISSN 2048-125X
    2. Ofori-Abebrese G, Amporfu E.  and Adu G. (2016), Does Stock Market Development Enhance Private Investment in Ghana? International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research, 2016, Vol. 2 © 2016 Lifescience Global  
    3. Becker Pickson Robert and Ofori-Abebrese Grace (2016) The Nexus Between Government Investment Expenditure And Private Investment In Ghana. European Journal of Social Sciences ISSN 1450-2267 Vol. 51 No 2 February, 2016, pp.193-205 http://www.europeanjournalofsocialsciences.com/ 
    4. Kamasa1 Kofi  and Ofori-Abebrese Grace (2015), Wagner or Keynes for Ghana? Government Expenditure and Economic Growth Dynamics. A ‘VAR’ Approach. Journal of Reviews on Global Economics, 2015, 4, 177-183 177 E-ISSN: 1929-7092/15 © 2015 Lifescience Global
    5. Ofori-Abebrese Grace and Kamasa Kofi (2013) Do Financial Sector Reforms Promote Private Sector Investment? The Case Of Ghana. International Journal Of Research In Commerce, Economics & Management VOLUME NO. 3 (2013), ISSUE NO. 09 (SEPTEMBER)
    6. Ofori-Abebrese Grace (2012) A Co-Integration Analysis of Growth in Government Consumption Expenditure in Ghana Journal of African Development Spring 2012 | Volume 14 # 1
    7. Ofori-Abebrese Grace (2006) The Eco and the Economic Development of West Africa. Journal of Science and Technology, vol 26 no. 2 August 2006

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