Dr. Frank Gyamfi-Yeboah

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests

Mortgage Markets; Real Estate Investments and Capital Markets; Asset Valuation...~more


    Soyeh K., Kim D. and Gyamfi-Yeboah F., 2019. The Role of Debt in REITs Equity Issuance at Discount to Net Asset Value (NAVs). Forthcoming in Journal of Real Estate Research.

    Gyamf-Yeboah, F. and Awuah, K. G. B. (2020). Variation in Property Valuation and Market Data Sources in Ghana. Responsible and Smart Land Management Interventions: An African Context, Taylor and Francis.

    Gyau Baffour Awuah, K., & Gyamfi-Yeboah, F. (2019). The effect of ground rent and unexpired lease term on property values in Ghana. International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis.

    Baffour Awuah, K. G., & Gyamfi-Yeboah, F. (2017). The role of task complexity in valuation errors analysis in a developing real estate market. Journal of Property Research34(1), 54-76.

    Baffour Awuah, K. G., Gyamfi-Yeboah, F., Proverbs, D., & Lamond, J. E. (2017). Sources and reliability of property market information for property valuation practice in Ghana. Property management35(4), 448-466.

    Freybote, J., Gyamfi-Yeboah, F., & Ziobrowski, A. J. (2014). Dispositional joint ventures as REIT financing strategy. Journal of Property Research31(2), 87-107.

    Gyamfi-Yeboah, F., Ziobrowski, A., & Seagraves, P. (2014). Institutional Ownership and the Dynamics of Trading Volume around FFO Announcements. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics49(1), 73-90.

    Gyamfi-Yeboah, F., Ling, D. C., & Naranjo, A. (2012). Information, uncertainty, and behavioral effects: Evidence from abnormal returns around real estate investment trust earnings announcements. Journal of International Money and Finance31(7), 1930-1952.

    Gyamfi-Yeboah, F., Ziobrowski, A. J., & Lambert, L. S. (2012). REITs’ price reaction to unexpected FFO announcements. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics45(3), 622-644

    Gyamfi-Yeboah, F., & Ziobrowski, A. J. (2010). The Integration of Mortgage and Capital Markets in Emerging Economies—Evidence from South Africa. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics41(3), 339-353.

    Gyamfi-Yeboah, F. & Ayitey, J. (2009). Assessing Depreciation for Valuation Purposes: A Decompositional Approach. Journal of Science and Technology, 29(2)

    Agyei-Mensah, S., Ayitey, J. & Gyamfi-Yeboah, F. (2008).The State of Residential Mortgage Market in Ghana, The Ghana Surveyor, 2008, 1

    Ayitey, J. & Gyamfi-Yeboah, F. (2010). Valuation: What it is and What it is not:. The Ghana Surveyor, 2010, 3.


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