Prof. Ben Kwaku Branoh Banful


Dept: Horticulture
Faculty of Agriculture, KNUST

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    (a) Refereed Journal Papers



    Daniel Osei Ofosu1, Francis Appiah, Bernard Banful  (2020). Interactive effect of variety and irradiation dose on postharvest behaviour of fruits of two plantain (Musa sp AAB) varieties from the green stage to the onset of ripening. American Journal of Plant Sciences (In Press).


    Daniel O. Ofosu, Francis Appiah, Ben K. B. Banful  (2020).  Interactive effect of different fruit packaging materials and doses of gamma irradiation on postharvest behaviour of Apantu (Musa sp AAB) fruits from the green stage to the onset of ripening. International Journal of Postharvest Technology and Innovation (In Press).


    Mends-Cole, M.T., Banful, B.K., Tandoh, P.K.  (2019).  Seed Quality Responses of Two Chilli Pepper Varieties (Capsicum frutescens l.) to Different Planting Dates. Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, 30(2): 1-11.


    Mainoo, A. A., Banful, B. K.  (2019).  Nematicidal Properties of Moringa oleifera, Chromolaena odorata and Panicum maximum and their Control Effects on Pathogenic Nematodes of Yam. Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, 31(2): 1-7.


    Mends-Cole, M.T., Banful, B.K., Tandoh, P.K.  (2019).   Flower Abortion and Fruit Yield Responses of Two Varieties of Chilli Pepper (Capsicum frutescens L.) to Different Planting Dates and Plant Densities. Archives of Current Research International, 16(1): 1-11.


    Abubakari, A-H., Banful, B. Atuah L.   (2019).  Standardization of composts using maturity, stability and quality indices: The use of sawdust and rice husks as compost feed stocks. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 10:2134-2150.


    Danso, F., Appiah, F., Banful, B.K.   (2018).   Effect of Soil Amendment on the Functional and Pasting Properties of False Horn Plantain Flour. International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology, 3 (1): 286-296.


    Mainoo, A. A., Banful, B. K.  (2018).  Yam Plant Growth and Tuber Yield Response to Ex-Situ Mulches of Moringa oleifera, Chromolaena odorata and Panicum maximum Under Three Natural Fallow Aged Systems. Annals of Ecology and Environmental Science, 2(3): 1-8.


    Abubakari, A-H., Atuah, L., Banful, B.  (2018).   Growth and yield response of lettuce to irrigation and growth media from composted sawdust and rice husk.  Journal of Plant Nutrition, 41(2):221–232.


    Banful, B. and Ativor, D.  (2017).   Growth and yield response of two hybrid rice cultivars to ATONIK plant growth regulator in a Tropical environment. Environment, Earth and Ecology, 1(1): 33-45.


    Tandoh, P. and Banful, B.   (2017). Physiological and Biochemical Quality Response of Sterculia rhinopetala Seeds to different Storage Materials and Duration under Ambient Conditions. Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 4(7):116-125.


    Opoku, N. A. P., Banful, B. K., Manu-Aduening, J., Tandoh, P. K., Owusu, S. E.   (2017). Germination and Vigour Responses of Seeds of Three Cassava Varieties to Pre-germination treatments and storage Durations. Asian Journal of Advances in Agricultural Research, 3(4): 1-9.


    Tandoh, P. and Banful, B.  (2017).   Effects of packaging materials and storage periods on seed quality and longevity dynamics of Pericopsis elata seed. Environ. Earth Ecol. 1 (2):27–38.



    Osei Tutu, I., Banful, B.K., Amoah, S., Apuri, S., Seweh, E.A.  (2016).   Effect of harvesting stages on seed quality characteristics of three soybean (Glycine max (l) Merrill) varieties. Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 3(4):326-333.


    Isaac, O.T., Seweh, E.A., Apuri, S., Banful, B.K., Amoah, S.  (2016).   Effect of storage periods on seed quality characteristics of three soybean (Glycine max (l) Merrill) varieties. International Journal of Scientific Research, Engineering and Technology, 2(4): 823-830.


    Abubakari, A.H., Bayor, H., Takyi, I., Chimsah, F., Nyarko, G., Atuah, L., Banful, B.   (2016).   Effect of compost-biochar mixes and irrigation on the growth and yield of Amaranthus (Amaranthus hybridus) under two growing temperatures. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 11 (25), 2257-2265.


    Abubakari, A.H., Atuah, L., Banful, B., Bayor, H.   (2015).   Use of soil amendments for urban horticulture in the savanna and forest areas of Ghana. Journal of Soil Science and Environmental management, 6(3): 51-57.


    Yeboah, J., Banful, B.K.B., Amoah, F. M., Maalekuu. B.M., Boateng, P. Y.   (2014). Weaning and field survival responses of propagules to propagating structures and seedling types in shea nut production in Tropical Africa. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 5, 2247-2255.


    Yeboah, J., Banful, B.K.B., Amoah, F.M., Maalekuu, B.K., Boateng, P.Y., Lowor, S.T.     (2014).   Rooting response of air-layered sheanut (Vitellaria paradoxa) trees to media and hormonal application under two different climatic conditions. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 5, 1212-1219.



    Enyan, F., Banful, B.K.B., Kumah, P.   (2013).   Physical and Organoleptic qualities of coffee bean under different drying methods and depths of drying in a tropical environment. International Research Journal of Plant Science, Vol. 4(9) pp. 280-287.


    Adjaloo, M. K., Banful, B. K., Oduro, W.  (2013).  Evaluation of Breeding Substrates for Cocoa Pollinator (Forcipomyia spp.) and Subsequent Implications for Yield in a Tropical Cocoa Production System. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 4, 204-211.


    Banful, B.K. and B. Mochiah   (2012).   Biologically Efficient and Productive Okra Intercropped System in a Tropical Environment. Trends in Horticultural Research, 2:1-7.


    Adjaloo, M. K., Oduro, W., Banful, B. K.   (2012).   Floral phenology of upper Amazon cocoa trees:  Implications for reproduction and productivity of cocoa. ISRN Agronomy,1-8.


    Banful, B. and S. Hauser    (2011).   Changes in soil properties and nematode population status under planted and natural fallows in land use systems of southern Cameroon. Agroforestry Systems Journal, 82(3): 263-273.


    Banful, B., P.Y. Adjei and N.K. Achiaa    (2011).   Effect of seed drying on germination behaviour and seedling growth of sweetsop (Annona squamosa). Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 5 (4):443-447. 


    Mochiah, M.B., B. Banful, K.N. Fening, B.W. Amoabeng, K. Offei Bonsu, S, Ekyem,  J.N.L. Lamptey, M. Owusu-Akyaw and H. Braimah   (2011).   Botanicals for the management of insect pests in organic vegetable production. Journal of Entomology and Nematology 3(6): 85-97.


    Tueche, R., Hauser, S., Banful, B., Cadisch, G.  (2011).   Influence of different plantain     cropping systems on soil physical properties and plantain bunch yield. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, 57 (7): 789-803.


    Adjei, P.Y., B. K. Banful, and I. A. Idun  (2011).  Seed Size and Seed Cut Length Effects on Germination Behavior and Seedling Growth of Avocado (Persea americana Merr.). International Journal of Agricultural Research, 1-7.


    Adjei, P.Y., B. Banful, and Y.A. Asante   (2011).   Pre- seed treatment effects on avocado (Persea americana L) seedlings health and growth before side-grafting in Ghana. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 5(3): 346-351.


    Bortey, H. M., Olympio, N. S. and Banful, B.   (2011).  Quality of farmer- saved tomato seeds and its effect on fruit yield in Ghana. Ghana Journal of Horticulture, 9: 25-33.


    Egyir, I.S., Owusu-Benoah, E., Anno-Nyako, F.O., Banful, B.  (2011).  Assessing the factors of adoption of agrochemicals by plantain farmers in Ghana. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, 5(1): 83 - 97.


    Banful, B., Adjei, P.Y., I. A. Idun    (2011).   The influence of two pre and post-planting fungicides on the growth and fruiting of MD2 pineapple (Ananas comosus. L. (Merr). Agric. Biol. J. N. Am., 2(6): 876-879.



    Egyir, I.S.; Owusu-Bennoah, E.; Anno-Nyako, F.O.; Banful, B.  (2010).  An analysis of the Agricultural Science, Technology and Innovation system for plantain (Musa spp.) in Ghana. Acta Horticulturae (BEL), (879), p. 843-849.


    Osei, M.K., B. Banful, C.K. Osei, M.O. Olouch   (2010).  Morphological characterization of African eggplants in some African Countries.  Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 4: 33-37.



    Banful, B., Anno-Nyako, F.O., Bolfrey-Arku, G., Hemeng, O.B., Akyeampong,      E.  (2009). Sixteen Years (1991 – 2006) of Agronomic and Plant Health Research on Plantain in Ghana: Outputs and Impact on National Production. Ghana Journal of Horticulture, 7: 117-128.


    Ennin S.A., Banful, B., Andoh – Mensah, E., Issaka, R. N, Lamptey J. N.,  Dzomeku B.M., Aduening – Manu, J., Bolfrey- Arku, G., and Dery, S. K.  (2009). Food crop intercropping alternatives for replanting coconut farms destroyed by lethal yellowing disease. Journal on Food, Agriculture & Environment, Vol. 7 (3&4): 581-587.


    Baafi, E., Quansah, G. W., Banful, B., and Mac-Amoo, E. E. E.   (2009).     Effect of different combinations of nitrogen and potassium on fruit yield and quality of MD-2 pineapple in the forest ecozone of Ghana Ghana Journal of Horticulture, 7: 35-43.


    Banful, B., Hauser, S., Ngo Kanga, F., Kumaga, F., Ofori, K.  (2008).   Soil     population of Helicotylenchus multicinctus under Pueraria phaseoloides, Flemingia macrophylla and natural bush fallows and their effect on plantain yield in the humid forest zone of southern Cameroon. Biological Agriculture and Horticulture, 25: 209-221.


    Banful, B., Hauser, S.,  Ofori, K., Kumaga, F.  (2008).   Nematodes and weeds  control effects of Pueraria phaseoloides and Flemingia macrophylla fallows on establishment, survival and yield of plantain. West African Journal of Applied Ecology 4:15-32.


    Banful, B. Ofori, K., Kumaga, F, Hauser, S., Ndango, R.  (2008).    Decomposition and nutrient release patterns of Pueraria phaseoloides, Flemingia macrophylla and Chromolaena odorata leaf residue in tropical land use systems. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science, 41: 11-22.


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    Banful, B., A. Dzietror, I. Ofori, O.B. Hemeng  (2000).   Yield of plantain alley cropped with Leucaena leucocephala and Flemingia macrophylla in Kumasi, Ghana. Agroforestry Systems, 49:189-199.


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                (b) Edited Conference Proceedings



    Oppong-Konadu, E.Y., B. Banful, F.O. Anno-Nyarko, E. Moses  (2001).   Characterization and preliminary evaluation of local plantain (Musa spp, ABB group) landraces in Ghana.  Proc. of the Fourth Annual Steering Committee Meeting of MUSACO, East Legon, Accra, Ghana.  pp. 81-83. Editors: Ekow Akyeampong and Claudine Picq.


    Banful, B.  (1998).   Production of plantain, an economic prospect for food security in Ghana. Proc. of international symposium on Bananas and Food Security, Douala, Cameroon, 10th -14th November, 1998. pp. 151-160. Editors: C. Picq, E. Foure and E.A. Frison.


    Hemeng, O.B., B. Banful, D.K. Yeboah, E.K.S. Ahiekpor, R.S.B. Ferris  (1995).  Overview of Plantain Research in Ghana : 1991 – 1994. Proc. of conference on Postharvest Technology and Commodity Marketing in West  Africa, Accra, Ghana, 2nd Nov to 1st Dec., 1995. pp. 140-148. Editor: R.S.B. Ferris.


    Asafu-Agyei, J.N., K. Ahenkora, B. Banful, S. Ennin-Kwabiah   (1995).  Sustaining Food Production in Ghana: The role of cereal/legume-based cropping system. Proc. of Regional Workshop on Technology Options for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. pp. 409-416.  Editors: T. Bezuneh, A.M. Emechebe, J. Sedgo, M. Ouedraogo.


    Hemeng, O.B., B. Banful, J.K. Twumasi   (1995).   Plantain Production in Ghana. Proc. of Regional workshop on Plantain and Banana Production and Research in West and Central Africa, IITA, Nigeria, 23-27 September, 1995. pp. 39-42. Editors: R. Ortiz and M.O. Akoroda.


    Peprah, S.A., Y.O. Amankwatia, B. Banful   (1994).   Effects of fallow on the growth and yield of a succeeding maize crop in rotation. Proc. First National Workshop on Food and Industrial Crops, Kumasi, Ghana, 25-27 October, 1994. pp. 106-111. Editors: E.V. Doku, J.J. Afuakwa and B. Banful.



    Banful, B. and O.B. Hemeng   (1993).    Growth and yield of plantain under different planting dates and mulching materials in the forest zone of Ghana. Proc. Second National Workshop on Root and Tuber Crops and Plantains, Kumasi, Ghana, 21-22 October, 1993. pp 11-15. Editors: E.V. Doku and B. Banful.


    Adu-Tutu. K., O.B. Hemeng and B. Banful   (1993).   Effect of hand weeding on the growth and yield of plantain: Preliminary results. Proc. Second National Workshop on Root and Tuber Crops and Plantain, Kumasi, Ghana, 21-22 October, 1993. pp 29-33. Editors: E.V. Doku and B. Banful.



               (c) Technical Reports



    Ennin S. A., Dapaah, H.K. Banful, B.  Adu-Dapaah, H. (2009)   Agricultural Research Management Participatory Action Programme for CSIR-Crops Research Institute. Technical Report submitted to FARA/CORAF/WECARD and SCARDA, Dakar Senegal. Pp 15.



    Dankyi, A. A., Banful, B., Anno-Nyako, F. O., Dzomeku, B. M., Asafu-Agyei, J. N., Haleegoah, Joyce    (2007)    Post harverst  handling, processing, marketing trends and routes of plantains and bananas in Ghana. Final Technical Report submitted to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), for GATSBY Charitable Foundation Plantain Project. 47 pp.


    Bennoah, E.O., I. Egyir, F.O. Anno-Nyako, B. Banful   (2007).    Analyzing the Agricultural Science Technology and Innovation (ASTI) Systems in ACP Countries: The Ghana case study on plantains. Final Technical Report submitted to CTA, Netherlands. 73 pp.


    Banful, B.  (2001). Status of Musa Production, Research and Development in Ghana : 1991-2000. Final Technical Report submitted to International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain, West and Central Africa Office, Douala, Cameroon. 29 pp.


    Hemeng, O.B.,  F.O. Anno-Nyako, B.M. Dzomeku, B. Banful, E. Moses, D.K. Yeboah and S.K. Darkey    (2000).    Goldfinger, Cooking bananas and Plantains Testing and Dissemination. Final Technical report (1996 – 2000) submitted to International Development Research Centre (IDRC). 15 pp.


    Hemeng, O.B.,  F.O. Anno-Nyako, B. Banful, B.M. Dzomeku, E. Moses,    J.N.L. Lamptey, A.A. Dankyi, D.K. Yeboah, J. Dennis, M. Asigri    (1999)  Release of two Musa hybrid varieties FHIA-21 (plantain) and FHIA-01 (banana) in Ghana. Final Technical Report submitted to National Varietal Release Committee, 27th October, 1999. 27 pp.


    Hemeng, O.B., O-A. Danquah, B. Banful and B.M. Dzomeku   (1999)   NARP Plantain Research Programme : 1991 – 1999. Terminal Report submitted to National Agricultural Research Project (NARP), CSIR, Accra. 26 pp.


    Hemeng, O.B., K.A. Oduro, I. Ofori and B. Banful   (1995)   Plantain Farming Systems Survey. Final Report submitted to National Agricultural Research Project (NARP), CSIR, Accra. 63 pp.


    Hemeng, O.B. and B. Banful   (1994)  Plantain Development Project : 1991-1993. Final Technical Report Submitted to IDRC, Canada. 54 pp.


               (d) Training Manuals



    Banful, B.K. (2016). Seed Marketing Strategies for Effective Seed Business Management. Training Manual for Managers of Private Seed Producing Companies under the ECOSIB Project. 21st -22nd March, 2016, Kumasi. 22pp.


    Banful, B.K. (2015). Principles of Sustainable Agriculture, Agrometerology, Tillage and Fertilizers. Training Manual for Trainer of Trainers Course under SATTIFS PROJECT at the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani, Ghana.


    Offei Bonsu, K., Nkansah, G.O., Lamptey, J.N.L., Banful, B., Olympio, N.S., Agboka, M., Ekyem, S.O., Braimah, H., Monney, E., Gaveh, E., Ametefe, C., Bleppony, H., Quaye, E., Crentsil, D.   (2013). Vegetable Production Manual. Export Marketing and Quality Awareness Project (EMQAP), MOFA. 60 pp.


    Banful, B.K.B. (2013). Production of Plantain: The Use of Improved Technology for High and Sustainable Yields. Amanfrom farms Plantain Production Guide. 40 pp.


    Banful B. (ed.) (2011). Chilies for Export. A Production and Postharvest Manual. 36 pp.


    Banful, B. (2008).  Fertilization for increased and sustained yield of plantain (Musa spp. AAB). A Reference Manual for Staff of the Extension Delivery System of Newmont Agricultural Project. 15 pp.


    Hemeng, O.B., B.M. Dzomeku, B. Banful, D.K. Yeboah, C.K. Osei, F.O. Anno-Nyako,  J.N. Berchie, I.O.O. Ansah    (2000).    Steps to a good plantain production (applicable to banana production). A farmer Guide by the Plantain Improvement Project of Crops Research Institute, Kumasi. 20 pp.


    Banful, B.   1996.  Morphology and Physiology of Plantain. CRI Crop Management Research Training Guide. No. 68.


    Banful, B.   1996.  Agronomy of Plantain. CRI Crop Management Research Training Guide. No. 69.



    Banful, B.   1996.   Rapid Multiplication of Plantain Suckers. CRI Crop Management Research Training Guide. No. 70.


    Asafu-Agyei, J.N. and B. Banful   1996.   Plantain-based Cropping Systems. CRI Crop Management Research Training Guide. No. 76.





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