Prof. Eugenia Amporfu

Associate Professor

Research Areas/Interests

Economic development, Health Economics, Strategic Purchasing in Healthcare, Equity, Healthcare utilization, gender, demographic dividend...~more


    • Does Stock Market Development Enhance Private Investment in Ghana? International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research, 2, 68 – 78, 2016
    • Do Economic Policy Decisions Affect Stock Market Development in Ghana, The Botswana Journal of Economics, 14(1), 2016, (with Grace Ofori-Abebrese, Daniel Sakyi)
    • Institutions and Structural Quality of Care in the Ghanaian Health Sector, African Health Monitor, (Special Issue on Universal Health) (20) 15-19, 2015, (with J. Nonvignon)
    • The Role of Institutions on the Effectiveness of Treatment in the Ghanaian Health Sector, (with J Nonvignon) 2015, Health Services Research, 15(169)
    • Equity Analysis of Quality Malaria Treatment in Ghana, African Journal of Health Economics, 2014, African Journal of Health Economics, 2(2)
    • Testing for Moral Hazard in Caesarean Section in the Ghanaian National Health Insurance Scheme; An Approach using Matching Estimation, African Journal of Health Economics, 2(1), 2014
    • A Theoretical Analysis of How User Fee on how Healthcare can Waste Economic Resources, Health, 6, 128-136, 2014
    • Effect of Regulated User Fee on Quality of Healthcare for the Poor and the Non-Poor, International Review of Economics, 60(4), 357-373.
    • Effect of Institutional Factors on Quality of Care in Ghanaian Health Sector, (with J. Nonvignon and S. Ampadu), Journal of African Development, 15(1), 2013
    • Private Hospital Accreditation and Inducement of Care under the Ghanaian National Insurance Scheme, Health Economics Review, 2011, 1(13)
    • Effect of the Relationship between Healthcare Utilization and Patient Characteristics on the Ghanaian National Health Insurance Scheme. The Case of Malaria in a Rural District Hospital, African Journal of Health Economics, 2011,
    • Equity of the premium of the Ghanaian national health insurance scheme and the implications for achieving univesral coverage, International Journal for Equity and Health, 12(4), 2013
    • Effect of User Fee on Patient's Welfare and Efficiency in a Two Tier Health Care Market, Health, 2010, 2(9) 1110-1119.
    • Estimating the Effect of Early Discharge Policy on Readmission Rate. An Instrumental Variable Approach, Health, 2010, 2(5), 504-510.
    • Incentive Effects of Government Mandated Cost Shifting, Journal of University of Science and Technology, 2010, 30(2),
    • The Gap between the Health Status of Rural and Urban Women in Ghana: A Case Study of Patients at a Mission Hospital in the Ashanti Region, Ghana Policy Journal, 2009, 3, 6-23.Quality
    • Effect of Early Discharge of Maternity Patients. Does Hospital Specialization Matter? Forum for Health Economics and Policy, 2008, 11(2),
    • Labour Specification in Agricultural Productivity: A Critique’, Review of Human Factor Studies, 1996, 2(1): 109-119

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