Dr. Daniel Sakyi

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Economics Office:
Department of Economics
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
Private Mail Bag
Kumasi - Ghana

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Research Areas/Interests

Economic Growth and Development, International Trade, Trade Facilitation, and Regional Integration...~more


    Refereed journal papers

    Sakyi, D., Bonuedi, I. and Osei Opoku, E. E. (2018), Trade facilitation and social welfare in Africa, Journal of African Trade, 5(1-2), 35-53, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.joat.2018.08.001.

    Akrofi, B., Ackah, I. and Sakyi, D. (2018), Analysis of the drivers of Ghana’s Energy Demand Change using the Laspeyres index method of decomposition: Q-effect, I-effect and S-effect, OPEC Energy Review, 42(3), 262-276. https://doi.org/10.1111/opec.12137.

    Sakyi, D., Villaverde, J., Maza, A., and Bonuedi, I. (2017), The Effects of Trade and Trade Facilitation on Economic Growth in Africa, African Development Review, 29(2), 350-361.

    Sakyi, D., Osei Mensah. I., and Obeng, S. K. (2017), Inflation Targeting Framework and Interest Rates Transmission in Ghana: An Empirical Investigation, Journal of African Business, 18(4): 417-434.

    Sakyi, D., and Egyir, J. (2017), Effects of Trade and FDI on Economic Growth in Africa: An Empirical Investigation, Transnational Corporations Review, 9(2):66-87

    Obeng, S. K., and Sakyi, D. (2017), Explaining the Growth of Government Spending in Ghana, The Journal of Developing Areas, 51(1): 103-128.

    Sakthivel, P., Chittedi, K. R and Sakyi, D. (2017), Price Discovery and Volatility Transmission in Currency Spot and Futures Markets in India: An Empirical Analysis, Global Business Review, pp. 0972150917721834.

    Obeng, S. K., and Sakyi, D. (2017), Macroeconomic Determinants of Interest Rates Spreads in Ghana, African Journal of Economic and Management Studies, 8(1): 76-88

    Sakyi, D., Boachie, M. K., and Immurana, M. (2016), Does Financial Development Drive Private Investment in Ghana? Economies, 4(27): 1-12.

    Asamoah, A. L., Agana, J. A., and Sakyi, D. (2016), Does Interest Rate Matter to the Ghanaian Stock Market? International Journal of Management Practice, 9(2): 159-172.

    Ofori-Abebrese, G., Amporfu, E., and Sakyi, D. (2016), Do Economic Policy Decisions Affect Stock Market Development in Ghana? Botswana Journal of Economics, 14(1), 33-51.

    Adams, S., Sakyi, D. and Osei Opoku, E. E. (2016), Capital Inflows and Domestic Investment in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Pooled Mean Group (PMG) Estimation Approach, Foreign Trade Review, 51(4), 1-16.

    Sakyi, D., Commodore, R., and Osei Opoku, E.E. (2015), Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in Ghana: An Empirical Investigation, Journal of African Business, 16 (1-2): 1-15.

    Sakyi, D., Villaverde, J., and Maza, A. (2015), Trade Openness, Income Levels, and Economic Growth: The Case of Developing Countries, 1970-2009, The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 24(6):860-882.

    Sakyi, D. (2013), On the Implications of Trade Openness, Foreign Aid and Democracy for Wagner’s Law in Developing Countries: Panel Data Evidence from West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ), The Journal of Developing Areas, 47(2): 319-339.

    Sakyi, D., Villaverde J., Maza A., and Chittedi, K. R. (2012), Trade Openness, Growth and Development: Evidence from Heterogeneous Panel Cointegration Analysis for Middle-Income Countries, Revista Cuadernos de Economia, Special Issue, 31(57): 21-40.

    Sakyi, D., and Adams, S. (2012), Democracy, Government Spending, and Economic Growth: The Case of Ghana, 1960 - 2008, Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research, 6(3): 361-383.

    Sakyi, D. (2012), Economic Globalisation, Democracy and Income in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Panel Cointegration Analysis, Global Economy and Finance Journal, 5(1): 1-16.

    Sakyi, D. (2011), Trade Openness, Foreign Aid and Economic Growth in Post-liberalisation Ghana: An Application of ARDL Bounds Test, Journal of Economics and International Finance, 3 (3), 146.

    Other publications

    Traoré, F., and Sakyi, D. (2017), “Africa Global Trade Patterns” in African Agricultural Trade Status Report 2017, International Food Policy Research Institute, pp. 6-35.

    Sakyi, D., and Osei Opoku, E. E. (2016), “The Twin Deficits Hypothesis in Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence for Ghana”. IGC Working Paper No. S-33201-GHA-1. International Growth Centre, London School of Economics.

    Sakyi, D., and Osei Opoku, E. E. (2014), “Regionalism and Economic Integration in Africa: A Conceptual and Theoretical Perspective, Occasional Paper No. 22, African Capacity Building Foundation, Harare, Zimbabwe.

    Amporfu, E., Sakyi, D., and Boakye, F. P. (2014), “Demographic Dividend of Ghana: The National Transfer Accounts Approach”, National Transfer Accounts (NTA) Working Paper No. WP14-02.

    Adams, S., and Sakyi, D. (2012), “Globalisation, Democracy, and Government Spending in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Panel Data”, In Globalisation and Responsibility, Zlatan Delic (Ed.), InTech Press.

    Forthcoming refereed journal papers

    Baidoo, S. T., Sakyi, D., and Aidoo, J. B. (2018), Does Gender Matter in Credit Denial Among Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Ghana? Forthcoming in International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

    Akoto, L. and Sakyi, D. (2018), Empirical Analysis of the Determinants of Trade Balance in Post-Liberalisation Ghana, Forthcoming in Foreign Trade Review.

    Baidoo, S. T., Sakyi, D., Aidoo, J. B. and Yusif, H. (2018), Multiple Borrowing and Loan Default: Evidence from Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Ghana, Forthcoming in Ghanaian Journal of Economics.

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