Dr. Christopher Larbie

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Biochemistry and Biotechnology Office:
Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology

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Plant Biochemistry and Pharmacology...~more

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    Larbie, C., Appiah-Opong, R., Acheampong, F., Tuffour, I., Uto, T., Torkornoo, D., Marfo, E., Ankamah-Mensah, D., Opoku Mensah, E. and Abotsi, P. (2015). Anti-proliferative effect of Amaranthus viridis Linn. on human leukemic cell lines – a preliminary study. IJBPS, 6(3): 236-243.

    Apprey, C., Larbie, C., Annan, R.A., Arthur, F.K.N., Abdulai-Saiku, S., Berkoh, D. amd Osei-Akoto, A. (2015). Effect of chemotherapy and disease burden on the nutritional status of patients undergoing treatment for Burkitt’s lymphoma. Der Pharmacia Lettre, 7(2): 95-99.

    Larbie, C., Appiah-Opong, R., Acheampong, F., Tuffour, I., Uto, T., Agyare-Yeboah, G., Abboah-Offei, O., Tagoe, D.N.K., and Inkabi, S.E. (2015). Anti-proliferative effect of Ficus pumila on human leukemic cell lines. IJBPS, 4(2): 330-336.

    Larbie, C., Owusu, P.K., Torkornoo, D. and Asibey, O. (2016). Acute and subchronic toxicity of acqueous ethanolic extract of Ficus pumila leaves in rats. EJBPS; 3(8): 22-27.

    Larbie, C., Torkornoo, D., Nyanor, E. and Asibey, O. (2016). Evaluation of the hepatoprotective potential of hydroethanolic extract of Ficus pumila on CCl4 induced liver damage in rats. Global J Res. Med. Plants and Indigen. Med.; 5(2): 217-225.

    Brown, C., Larbie, C. and Amuzu, D.S.Y. (2016). Prevalence of genetic mutation CYP2C8*5 in selected ethnic groups in Southern Ghana. International Journal of Biochemistry Research and Reviews; 12 (3): 1-9.

    Anim, M.T., Larbie, C., Appiah-Opong, R., Tuffour, I., Owusu, K.B.A. and Aning, A. (2016). Phytochemical, antioxidant and cytotoxicity of hydroethanolic extract of Crotolaria retusa L. WJPR, 5(2), 162-179.

    Apprey, C., Larbie, C., Arthur, F.K.N., Appiah-Opong, R., Annan, R.A. and Tuffour, I. (2015). Antiproliferative effects if isoflavones from soybean and soymilk powder on lymphoma (DG 75) and leukemia (CEM) cell lines. British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 7(3), 206-216.

    Acheampong, F., Larbie, C., Arthur, F.K.N., Appiah-Opong, R. and Tuffour, I. (2015). Antioxidant and anticancer properties of Ageratum cornyzoides aqueous extracts. Journal of Global Biosciences, 4(SI 1), 1804-1815

    Acheampong, F., Larbie, C., Appiah-Opong, R., Arthur, F.K.N. and Tuffour, I. (2015). In vitro antioxidant and anticancer properties of hydroethanolic extracts and fractions of Ageratum cornyzoides. EJMP, 7(4), 204-215.

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