Prof. Daniel Adjei-Boateng


Dept: Fisheries and Watershed Management
Department of Fisheries and Watershed Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

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Research Areas/Interests

Breeding, larviculture and larval nutrition of the African bony-tongue Heterotis niloticus Enhancement of tilapia productivity in ponds using solar-b...~more

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Grants/Funds Awarded

In 2019, I lead   the Departmental research team in collaboration with their partners from the Danish Technical University (DTU Aqua) won another research grant from DANIDA (DKK 6,000,000) to conduct research on ‘Improving the productivity of Aquaculture in Ghana (2019 -2022)”. (DFC- 18-16-GHA)

This project is researching on protocols to improve larval survival and develop weaning diets for Heterotis niloticus which is a major bottleneck to the commercial culture of the species. Additionally, the project is assessing critical water quality variables that influence productivity in earthen ponds as well as enhance the floatability of tilapia diets developed in the earlier project. This project is supporting 2 PhD and 4 Mphil students in who are co-supervised by the Danish Ghanaian researchers.

In 2014, I coordinated a joint proposal with the Danish Technical University, Denmark (with KNUST being the lead institution) received funding from DANIDA to investigate Sustainable fish feeds for Tilapia in Ghana with a total funding of DKK 4,999,162 equivalent to (USD 746,000). The project trained 2 PhDs and 3 Mphil students.  Thr project enabled the Department to acquire state-of-art equipment that has enhanced nutritional studies in the Department as well as enabled the Department provide services to key stakeholders in fish nutrition.

The team won an AUSAID Direct Aid Project grant of 59,750 Australian Dollars (42,000 US$) to conduct studies on the feasibility of cage aquaculture using low-volume-high density cages in reservoirs in the Northern Region

BSU programme, EC-GEP Outreach project, DANIDA, DKK 647,303 equivalent to USD 100,000. (2014-2016)

Myself as well as members of my interdisciplinary research teams have since 2016 won grants awards between USD 3000 -6,000 annually from the KNUST research grants for various research activities.

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