Prof. Stephen Amisah


Dept: Fisheries and Watershed Management
Department of Fisheries and Watershed Management
Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Kumasi, Ghana

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Research Areas/Interests

My areas of research interest include water resources management Impacts of anthropogenic perturbations on aquatic environments and biota, in particul...~more



I am a Full Professor in the Department of Fisheries and Watershed Management with considerable teaching and research experience at home and abroad. I have worked in interdisciplinary teams with universities and institutions in Western Europe particularly Netherlands and Finland. I have been involved and led international projects with collaboration with US universities particularly Oregon State University, Purdue University (Indiana), Virginia Tech & State University, Blacksburg with considerable funding from USAID through the AquaFish Innovation Lab.

My research interests have focussed on fisheries and aquaculture management with a strong emphasis on anthropogenic perturbations that diminish the fish populations and impact ecological footprints of marine and freshwaters ecosystems. In particular, I have conducted research on heavy metal loading and bioaccumulation in aquatic biota and river sediments. In recent years I have been involved in climate change effects on aquatic biodiversity in forest fringe communities. I have examined various aspects of biodiversity in response to pollution and how renewable natural resources can contribute to rural livelihoods without compromising environmental integrity. In this respect. I have conducted Monitoring and Evaluation of degraded watersheds and also on fish populations following impoundments. Climate change and its effects on biosystems and aquatic ecology remain central to my investigations.

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