Dr. Junias Adusei-Gyamfi


Dept: Environmental Science
Amissah Complex
College of Science
KNUST, Kumasi

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Research Areas/Interests

Drinking water and Wastewater Treatment Techniques Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Pollution Remediation Pollution and Contaminant Characterisation Wa...~more


Junias Adusei-Gyamfi holds a Ph.D. in Organic and Environmental Chemistry with a focus on Drinking Water Treatment Processes from the Université de Lille, France; an MSc. in Sustainable Management of Pollution from Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture de Lille (ISA-Lille), France, and a BSc. Chemistry from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.

He has for several years been involved in various international and regional projects and research to improve water quality through integrated water resource management by characterizing pollutants in water, monitoring water quality, and developing sustainable solutions to remediate polluted matrixes. Recently, he was significantly involved in the Interreg DOC2Cs (2017-2019), an EU-funded project which sought to find innovative solutions and techniques to improve water quality in drinking water treatment processes. He had the opportunity to work with project partners which comprised of water treatment companies in 4 European countries. As a Research Engineer on this project, he collaborated with other stakeholders to research, design, and optimize methods leading to the successful development of 2 novel techniques for Natural Organic Matter (NOM) characterization, NOM-metal complex characterization, and disinfection-by-product prediction, and the publication of 3 scientific articles. This project afforded him the opportunity to apply and enhance his project management and coordination skills which he acquired while working as a WaSH project coordinator for a local NGO, Learnyoung Africa.

These past experiences have not only given him scientific expertise but more importantly, personal and professional competencies to be able to manage and interpret data, simplify and present clearly complex topics and communicate the results to people with varying levels of expertise. He has also had the opportunity to enhance his leadership and teaching skills through the supervision of students’ projects and interns. The numerous projects and presentations he has handled have made him a good team player and autonomous. These competencies coupled with his bilingual skills (English and French) have made him an asset for institutions and organization seeking to develop technical and sustainable solutions to ensure water quality and environmental sustainability. 


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