Mr. Caleb Adams

Assistant Lecturer

Dept: Physiotherapy and Sports Science
Room 1, FAHS Lecturers' Office Complex, 2nd Floor, Casely-Hayford Building (Destiny Hall), KNUST, Kumasi

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Research Areas/Interests


    Afrifa, D, Moses, M.O, Asamoah, R, Adams, C, Osei, F, & Acheampong, I.K (2018). Fitness in amateur track event athletes. International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health, 5(6), 100-106.

    D’Onofrio, R, Moses, O, Osei F.,…Adams, C. (2017).Examining and comparing the health and performance indices of university undergraduate students according to year of study and gender. Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation. 13, 405-412

    Adams, C., Coffee, P. & Lavallee, D. (2015). Athletes’ perceptions about the availability of social support during within-career transitions. Sport and Exercise Psychology Review, 11, 2, 37-48.

    Adams, C., Oppong, P., Worlanyo, J. K., Agblo, S. P., Owusu, S., Addo, E., & Moses, M. O. (2022). Effects of a controlled exercise programme on anthropometric parameters, dietary habit and sleep quality of obese university students. Scientific Journal of Sport and Performance, 1(3), 136-145.

    Agblo, S. P., Adams, C., Oppong, P., Kwakye, W. J., Owusu, S., Addo, E., ... & Moses, M. O. (2022). Menstrual Cycle Syndrome in the Athletic Performance of Selected Female Athletes in Ghana. In International Conference of Sports Science-AESA (Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 56-56).



    Awuah, J., Adams, C., Asamoah, B., Amankrah, E. (2022). The Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on the Mental Wellbeing of Student-athletes and Non-athlete Students in a University in Ghana. International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health, 9(6), 376-380.

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