Dr. Eliel Keelson

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Computer Engineering
Room 410, Caesar Block, College of Engineering, KNUST.

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Research Areas/Interests

Intelligent Energy Systems Internet of Things (IoT) Blockchain Technologies Data Science ...~more



    1. Nsafoa-Yeboah, K., Tchao, E. T., Yeboah-Akowuah, B., Kommey, B., Agbemenu, A. S., Keelson, E., & Khan, M. M. (2022). Software-Defined Networks for Optical Networks using Flexible Orchestration : Advances, Challenges and Opportunities. Journal of Computer Networks and Communications, vol. 2022, Article ID 5037702, 40 pages, 2022. https://doi.org/ 10.1155/ 2022/5037702 
    2. Kommey, B., Tamakloe, E., & Keelson, E. (2022). A Supermarket Anti-Theft Scanner: digiSCAN. Journal of Innovation Information Technology and Application (JINITA), 4(1), 93-103., 2022 https://doi.org/10.35970/jinita.v4i1.131
    3. Baffour, P. A., Nunoo-Mensah, H., Keelson, E., & Kommey, B. (2022). A Survey on Deep Learning Algorithms in Facial Emotion Detection and Recognition. Inform: Jurnal Ilmiah Bidang Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi, 7(1), 24-32., 2022 https://ejournal.unitomo.ac.id/index.php/inform/article/view/4563
    4. Antwi, R., Gadze, J. D., Tchao, E. T., Sikora, A., Nunoo-Mensah, H., Agbemenu, A. S., ... & Keelson, E. (2022). A Survey on Network Optimization Techniques for Blockchain Systems. Algorithms, 15(6), 193., 2022 https://doi.org/10.3390/a15060193
    5. Nartey, C., Tchao, E. T., Gadze, J. D., Keelson, E., Klogo, G. S., Kommey, B., & Diawuo, K. (2021). On blockchain and IoT integration platforms: current implementation challenges and future perspectives. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing2021.
    6. Keelson, Eliel. "A low cost early adoption strategy for implementing secured smart energy metering systems in African developing countries." PhD diss., 2016
    7. Keelson, E., Boateng, K. O., & Ghansah, I. (2015). Low Cost Early Adoption Procedures for Implementing Smart Prepaid Metering Systems in African Developing Countries.
    8. Keelson, E., Ghansah, I., & Boateng, K. O. (2014). A Smart Quota System for Rationing Power in African Developing Countries. International Journal of Computer Applications103(15).
    9. Keelson, E., Boateng, K. O., & Ghansah, I. (2014). A smart retrofitted meter for developing countries. International Journal of Computer Applications90(5).


    1. Aggor, C. S., Tchao, E. T., Keelson, E., & Diawuo, K. (2018, September). Mobile Phone Usage Among Senior High and Technical School Students in Ghana and Its Impact on Academic Outcomes–A Case Study. In International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (pp. 903-913). Springer, Cham.


    1. E. T. Tchao, Eliel Keelson, Christiana Aggor and G. A. M. Amankwa: e-Government Services in Ghana - Current State and Future Perspectives. In proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI'17), December 14-16, 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, pp 50 - 56

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