Prof. (Mrs.) Veronica Millicent Dzomeku

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Dept: Midwifery

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    1. Precious A. Duodu, Henry O. Duah, Veronica M. Dzomeku, Adwoa B. Boamah Mensah, Josephine Aboagye Mensah, Ernest Darkwah & Pascal Agbadi (2020) Consistency of the determinants of early initiation of breast feeding in Ghana: Insights from four Demographic and Health Survey datasets. International Health 00:1-10.
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    3. Dzomeku, V.M., Boamah Mensah, A.B., Nakua, E.K. Agbadi P, Lori JR, Donkor P.(2020)“I wouldn’t have hit you, but you would have killed your baby:” Exploring midwives’ perspectives on disrespect and abusive Care in Ghana. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 20, 15, 2020.
    4. Agani Afaya, Veronica Millicent Dzomeku, Elizabeth A. Bake et al (2020) Women’s experiences of midwifery care immediately before and after caesarean section deliveries at a Public Hospital in the Western Region of Ghana. BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth. January, 2020.
    5. Veronica Millicent Dzomeku, Brian van Wyk & Jody R. Lori (2017) Experiences of women receiving childbirth care from public health facilities in Kumasi, Ghana Experiences of women receiving childbirth care from public health facilities in Kumasi, Ghana. Midwifery DOI: 17th September, 2017.
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