Dr. Samuel Kotei Nikoi


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I am a career librarian, with an excellent track record in library management and administration, in both academic and specialized libraries, spanning a period of over thirty years. Much of my experience lies in teaching, learning and research. I am credited with implementing innovative information and digital literacy solutions, aimed at enhancing the learning experiences of the net generation (digital migrants). I am passionate about technology enhanced learning, and a proud winning member of the UK Association of Learning Technologist team award in 2009. I have a proven ability in pedagogical and technology enhanced learning research, including Open Educational Resources (OERs), sponsored by the UK Government as well as the private sector, working in partnership with multi-disciplinary and cross-institutional teams. A major outcome of much of the research I have been involved with, is the adoption of policies by educational agencies towards the expansion of access to higher education and the promotion of authentic learning. I am a Ford Foundation International Fellow and also hold a fellowship of the British Higher Education Academy.

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