Mr. George Ashiagbor

Assistant Research Fellow

Dept: Wildlife and Range Management Office:
Dept. of Wildlife and Range Management

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Research Areas/Interests

Remote Sensing; GIS/Spatial Analysis; land-use/land cover mapping; Landscape Analysis; Specie Distribution modelling...~more

My full CV


Ing. George Ashiagbor is a GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist assigned to the Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources, and he is currently serving as Deputy Coordinator for GIS programs in the Department. Prior to moving to KNUST, George worked as GIS Manager of the APERL Ghana Project and Administrator of APERL GIS Training and Research Centre. George is a GIS technical lead to numerous endeavors including wildfire/forest fire mapping, forest cover change monitoring, wildlife habitat mapping/distribution modelling, Health geographics etc.

George's first experience with the Forest Services was through an internship with Resource Management Support Unit (RMSC) of the Forestry Commission of Ghana. During this internship, that George first became familiar with the Challenges in GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in forestry sector. During this period he developed a number of mapping applications (Geo-Info) for the Forestry Commission of Ghana.  George's experience with both GIS and Remote Sensing spans over 8 years in the fields of natural resources monitoring and management.

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