Dr. Ellis Kofi Akwaa-Sekyi


Dept: Accounting and Finance
Ayim Complex
FF24 Room 3

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Research Areas/Interests

Financial Intermediation Microfinance Venture Capital Finance Sustainability Finance Corporate Governance Credit Risk Management...~more


    1. Frimpong, F. A., Akwaa-Sekyi, E. K., & Solé, R. S. (2021). Venture capital healthcare investments and health care sector growth: A panel data analysis of Europe. Borsa Istanbul Review.
    2. Amofa, K., Saldrigues, R. & Akwaa-Sekyi, E.K. (2020). Entrepreneurial intention among MBA students. Cogent Business & Management7(1), 1832401.
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    4. Akwaa-Sekyi Ellis Kofi, Acheampong, Yeboah E. & Bouhaouala, Malek (2019). How does team composition affect performance in continental tournaments? Cogent Social Sciences, 5(1) pp 1-17.
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    6. Akwaa-Sekyi Ellis Kofi (2019). Essays on bank internal governance and credit risk. D. thesis. http://hdl.handle.net/10803/666178
    7. Akwaa-Sekyi, E.K., Moreno, J.G., Miglietta, F. & Roncone, V. (2018). How does board characteristics and insider ownership affect non-performing loans (NPLs) in European banking? Working Paper: New Trends in Accounting and Management, 14/2018, Dept of Business Administration, University of Lleida, Spain.
    8. Akwaa-Sekyi, E.K. & Moreno, J.G. (2017). Internal controls and credit risk relationships among banks in Europe. Intangible Capital, 13(1), pp.25-50
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    10. Akwaa-Sekvi, E.K. & Bosompra, P. (2015) Determinants of Business Loan Default in Ghana. Junior Scientific Researcher, Vol 1 (1), pp. 10-27
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    12. Akwaa-Sekyi, E. K. (2013). Impact of Micro Credit on Rural Farming Activities: The Case of Farming Communities Within Sunyani Area. Management Science and Engineering, 7(4), 23-29.

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