Dr. Nicholas Addai Boamah

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests

Financial Markets, Asset Pricing, Financial Market Integration, Asset Management, Housing Finance Market, Real Estate Markets, Land Markets....~more

My full CV


    1.    Boamah, N. A., Akotey, J. O., & Aaawaar, G. (2020). Economic engagement and within emerging markets integration. Research in International Business and Finance, 52, 101106.

    2.    Boamah, N. A. (2019). Investment, financial sector development and the degree of emerging markets integration. Journal of Financial Economic Policy.

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    6. Boamah, N.A. (2017). The Price of Risk on the African Frontier Stock Markets, Journal of African Business, 18(2)

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    9. Boamah, N. A., Watts, E. J., & Loudon, G. (2016). Investigating temporal variation in the global and regional integration of African stock markets. Journal of Multinational Financial Management36, 103-118.

    10. Boamah, N. A., Loudon, G., & Watts, E. J. (2017). Structural breaks in the relative importance of country and industry factors in African stock returns. The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance63, 79-88.

    11. Boamah, N. A. (2016). Regional and global market integration of African financial markets. African Review of Economics and Finance8(2), 234-268.

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