Prof. Leonard Kofitse Amekudzi


Dept: Meteorology and Climate Science
Department of Physics, KNUST

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Research Areas/Interests

Key Research Areas: Atmospheric Physics, Tropical Meteorology, Climate Science and Data Science Satellite Remote Sensing: remote sensing of traces ga...~more

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    1. Aryee, J. N. A., Amekudzi, L. K., andYamba, E. I. (2021). Low-level clouddevelopment and diurnal cycle insouthern West Africa during theDACCIWA field campaign: Case study of Kumasi supersite, Ghana. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres,126, e2020JD034028. https://doi. org/10.1029/2020JD03402
    2. Osei M.A., Amekudzi L. K., Omari-Sasu A. Y., Yamba E. I., Quansah E., Aryee J. N.A., Preko K., (2021) Estimation of the return periods of maxima rainfall and floods at the Pra River Catchment, Ghana, West Africa using the Gumbel extreme value theory,Heliyon,7, 5,
    3. Osei M.A., Amekudzi L. K., and Quansah E. (2021) Characterisation of wet and dry spells and associated atmosphericdynamics at the Pra River catchment of Ghana, West Africa, Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 34 (2021) 100801
    4. Atiah W. A., G. Mengistu Tsidu and L. K. Amekudzi (2020) Investigating the merits of gauge and satellite rainfall data at local scales in Ghana, West Africa, Weather and Climate Extremes, 100292
    5. Nyatuame M, L. K. Amekudzi, and S. K. Agodzo (2020) Assessing the land use/land cover and climate change impact on water balance on Tordzie watershed, J. Remote Sens App Society and Environment, 20(2020), 100381,
    6. Osei M.A., L.K. Amekudzi, C. R. Ferguson, and S. K. Danuor (2020) Inter-Comparison of AIRS Temperature and Relative Humidity Profile with AMMA and DACCIWA Radiosonde Observations over West Africa, Remote Sens., 12, 2631; DOI:10.3390/rs12162631
    7. Nyamekye C., Schönbrodt-Stitt S., Amekudzi L.K., Zoungrana B.J-B., and Thiel M. (2020) Usage of MODIS NDVI to evaluate the effect of soil and water conservation measures on vegetation in Burkina Faso. Land Degrad Dev. 2020;1–13.
    8. Wemegah C.S., E.I. Yamba, J.N.A. Aryee, F. Sam, and L.K. Amekudzi (2020) Assessment of Urban Heat Island Warming in the Greater Accra Region, Scienti?c African, DIO: 10.1016/j.sciaf.2020.e00426 
    9. Atiah W. A., L.K. Amekudzi, Aryee J. N. A, K. Preko and S. K. Danuor (2020) Validation of Satellite and Merged rainfall data over Ghana, West Africa, MDPI Atmosphere 11, 859; doi:10.3390/atmos11080859.
    10. Atiah W. A., G. Mengistu Tsidu, L. K. Amekudzi, and C. Yorke (2020) Trends and Interannual variability of extreme rainfall indices over Ghana, West Africa, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Climatology, DIO:10.1007/s00704-020-03114-6
    11. Maranan M., A. H. Fink, P. Knippertz, L.K. Amekudzi W. A. Atiah and M. Stengel (2020) A process-based validation of GPM IMERG and its sources using a mesoscale rain gauge network in the West African forest zone, Journal of Hydrometeorology, DIO:10.1175/JHM-D-19-0257.1
    12. Yamba E. I., A. M. Tompkins, A. H. Fink, V. Ermert, M.D. Amelie, L. K. Amekudzi and O. J. T. Briët (2020), Monthly Entomological Inoculation Rate data for studying the seasonality of malaria transmission in Africa, MDPI Data, DIO:10.1594/PANGAEA.89268
    13. N.A. Aryee, L.K. Amekudzi, K. Preko, W. A. Atiah, and S. K. Danuor, (2019) Estimation of planetary boundary layer height from radiosonde profiles over West Africa during the AMMA field campaign: Intercomparison of different methods, Scientific Africa 7 (2020) e00228.
    14. Osei M. A., L. K. Amekudzi, D. D. Wemegah, K. Preko, E. S. Gyawu and K. Obiri-Danso, (2019), The impact of climate and land-use changes on the hydrological processes of Owabi catchment from SWAT analysis, Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 25 (2019), 100620
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    16. J. Asilevi, E. Quansah, L. K. Amekudzi, T. Annor, N. A. Browne Klutse, (2019), Modeling the spatial distribution of Global Solar Radiation (GSR) over Ghana using the Angstrom-Prescott sunshine duration model, Scientific Africa, 4 (2019) e00094.
    17. Aryee, J. N. A., Amekudzi L. K., Atiah W., Osei, M., and Agyapong E. (2018). Overview of surface to near-surface atmospheric profiles over selected domain during the QWeCI project. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, pages 1–15.Flamant, C., Knippertz, P., Fink, A. H., Akpo, A., Brooks, B., Chiu, C. J., Coe, H., Danuor, S., Evans, M., Jegede, G., Kalthoff N., Konare A., Adler B., Amekudzi L. K., Aryee J. N. A., et. al (2018). The dynamics–aerosol–chemistry–cloud interactions in West Africa field campaign: Overview and research highlights. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 99(1):83–104.
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