Prof. Gordon Foli

Associate Professor

Dept: Geological Engineering
College of Engineering, Bamfo-Kwakye Building, Office No. BKB 001

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Research Areas/Interests


    Peer-reviewed Journal Publications


    1. Antwi-Agyei, J.N Horgah, G. Foli, (2009) Trace element contamination of soils around gold mines tailing dams at Obuasi, Ghana. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Vol. 13(11) pp.353-359.
    2. Gordon Foli, Jonathan N. Horgah and Philip Antwi-Agyei (2010) Effectiveness of planning and implementation stages of the ISO 14001 standards EMS at the Obuasi gold mine, Ghana. American J. of Social and Management Sciences. 1.1.12
    3. Leonard Kyei, Gordon Foli & Janet Ankoh (2011) Analysis of factors affecting the Technical Efficiency of cocoa farmers in the Offinso District-Ashanti region, Ghana. American Journal of Social and Management Sciences. 2010.
    4. Prosper M. Nude, Gordon Foli & Mark Yidana (2011) Geochemical Assessment of Impact of mine spoils on the quality of stream sediments within the Obuasi mines environment, Ghana. International Journal of Geosciences, 2011, 2, 259-266 doi:10.4236/ijg.2011.23028”
    5. Gordon Foli, Ohene B. Apeah & Chiri G. Amedjoe (2011) Pre-mining Water Quality prediction from non-weathered sulphide ores along the Ashanti metallogenic belt in Ghana using Acid-Base accounting procedure. American Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 2011.2.5.827.833
    6. Gordon Foli & Prosper M. Nude (2012) Concentration levels of some Inorganic contaminants in streams and sediments in areas of pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical activities at the Obuasi mine, Ghana. Environmental Earth Sciences 65:753-763
    7. Prosper M. Nude, John W. Shervais, Kodjopa Attoh & Gordon Foli (2012) Petrological and geochemical characteristics of mafic granulites associated with alkaline rocks in the Pan-African Dahomeyide suture zone, southeastern Ghana. Source:Petrology-New Perspectives and Applications ISBN 978-953-307-800-7
    8. Gordon Foli, Prosper M. Nude and Ohene B. Apea, (2012) Geochemical Characteristics of Soils from Selected Districts in the Upper East region, Ghana: Implications for Trace Element Pollution and Enrichment. Research J. of Environmental and Earth Sciences, 4(2): 186-195.
    9. Chiri G. Amedjoe, Gordon Foli and Prosper M. Nude (2012) Geological and Geochemical controls on the composition of natural drainages in Homase Mineral Deposit Environment. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences 4(3): 255-263.
    10. Enoch Boateng, G.N.N. Dowuona, P.M. Nude, Foli, P. Gyekye, and M. Hashim, (2012) Geochemical Assessment of the Impact of Mine Tailings Reclamation on the Quality of Soils at AngloGold Concession, Obuasi, Ghana. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences 4(4): 466-474.
    11. Prosper Mackenzie Nude, John Mahfouz Asigri, Sandow Mark Yidana, Emmanuel Arhin, Gordon Foli, Jacob Mawuko Kutu (2012) Identifying Pathfinder Elements for Gold in Multi-Element Soil Geochemical Data from the Wa-Lawra Belt, Northwest Ghana: A Multivariate Statistical Approach. International Journal of Geosciences, 3, 62-70
    12. Foli, P.M. Nude, C.G. Amedjoe and L.Kyei (2012) Arsenic leaching in mill tailings in the Obuasi gold mine, Ghana: management of contamination in the related water environment. West African Journal of Applied Ecology Vol. 20(1), 2012
    13. Gordon Foli, Simon K.Y. Gawu, Johnson Manu and Prosper M. Nude (2013) Arsenic sorption characteristics in decommissioned tailings dam environment at the Obuasi mine, Ghana; Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences 5(10):599-610.
    14. Prosper M. Nude, Emmanuel Arhin and Gordon Foli (2013) Use of Multi-Media Sampling as Integrated Approach to Surficial Geochemical Sampling for Gold in Regional Reconnaissance Surveys in Parts of the Ashanti Belt, Southwest Ghana; Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences 5(1): 18-25.
    15. Prosper M. Nude, Emmanuel Arhin, Sandow M. Yidana, Gordon Foli and Gabriel N. N. Dowuona (2014) Geochemical Dispersion of Elements and Their Correlation with Gold in the Regolith at the Tetteh Prospect of the Chirano Gold Mines in the Sefwi Belt of the Birimian, Southwestern Ghana: Journal of Environment and Earth Science; Vol.4, No.9
    16. Gordon Foli, Simon K.Y. Gawu, Prosper M. Nude (2015) Arsenic Contamination and Secondary Mineral Evaluation in Mine Drainage Using Integrated Acid-Base Accounting and Toxicity Characterisation Leaching Procedure: The Case of Obuasi Mine, Ghana. Earth Sci. 73 (12).
    17. Nude P.M., Foli G., Gawu S.K.Y., Gidigasu S.R., Sakyi P. A., Kwayisi D. (2016) Arsenic Intensity Risk Assessment at AngloGold Obuasi Goldmine, Ghana, West Africa: Using Sorption and Geotechnical Factors. West African Journal of Applied Ecology, 24(2)1-17
    18. Gordon Foli and Simon K.Y. Gawu (2017) Modified Acid-base Accounting Model Validation and pH Buffer Trend Characterisation in Mine Drainage at the AngloGold-Ashanti Obuasi mine in Ghana, West Africa: Environmental Earth Sciences. 76 (19), 663
    19. Amadu C.C., Foli G. and Abanyie S. (2017) “Rock Fracture Characterization for Solid Waste Disposal Site Selection: A Case from Sites in the Accra-Tema Area, SE Ghana.”World Journal of Environmental Engineering; Science and Education Publishing: 5(1) 7-16.
    20. Gordon Foli and Simon K.Y. Gawu (2018) Using an integrated method for the determination of environmental TCLP arsenic for sulphide-rich mine tailing remediation in Ghana, West Africa: Environmental Earth Sciences. 77:1-11.
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    23. Gordon Foli, Simon K. Y. Gawu, Blestmond A. Brako & Prosper M. Nude (2019) Geochemical Assessment of Trace Metals in Peri-Urban Drainage and Bioaccumulation in Selected Food Crops in the Kumasi Metropolis, Ghana: Canadian Center of Science and Education: Environment and Natural Resources Research; 9, No. 1.
    24. Eric E. Bayari, Gordon Foli and Simon K.Y. Gawu (2019) Geochemical and pathfinder elements assessment in some mineralised regolith profiles in Bole-Nangodi gold belt in north-eastern Ghana. Environmental Earth Sciences. Volume: 78. Issue: 9
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    26. Nkrumah R Agyemang K., Foli G., Gawu S.K.Y, Nude P.M (2019) Evaluation of Placer Deposit within Ghana a Case Study of the Kwabeng Placer Gold Deposits North Western Flank of Atewa Range, Eastern Region, Ghana: International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) Vol. 8 Issue 11
    27. Blestmond A. Brako, Gordon Foli, Etornam B. Fiadonu, Chiri Amedjoe, Derrick Aikins, Simon K.Y. Gawu (2020) Provenance and Tectonic Setting of Some Paleoproterozoic Sedimentary Rocks in the Chagupana and Tarkwa areas of Ghana: Petrographic and Structural Constraints. Earth Sciences Malaysia 4(1) 01-07         
    28. Blestmond Brako, Gordon Foli, Chiri Amedjoe and Simon K.Y. Gawu (2020) Petrographic study of some Paleoproterozoic sedimentary rocks in the Chagupana and Tarkwa areas of Ghana. International Journal of Geography and Geology: Conscientia Beam. Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 38-54 DOI: 10.18488/journal.10.2020.91.38.54
    29. Blestmond A. Brako, Gordon Foli, Kofi Adomako-Ansah, Derrick Aikins, Solomon Derry and Simon K.Y. Gawu (2020) Petrography and Geochemistry some Paleoproterozoic granitoids at the North-Eastern margin of the Kumasi Basin in Ghana. Earth Sciences Malaysia 4(2) 87-95
    30. Theophilus K. Agbenyezi, Gordon Foli, Simon K. Y. Gawu (2020) Geochemical characteristics of gold-bearing granitoids at Ayanfuri in the Kumasi basin, southwestern Ghana: Implications for the orogenic related gold systems. Earth Sciences Malaysia 4(2) 96-103
    31. Eric E. Bayari, Maxwell Anim-Gyampo, Solomon S.R. Gidigasu, Gordon Foli (2020) Geochemical and Mineralogical Characterization of Some Clay Materials as Fluoride Adsorbent from Groundwater in Ghana: Earth Sciences Malaysia (ESMY) 4(2) 124-128
    32. Douglas Baah Siaw, Solomon S.R. Gidigasu, Anthony Andrews, Emmanuel Gikunoo, Gordon Foli (2020) Geochemical Assessment of Trace Metals in Soil, Stream Water and Selected Food Crops at Kibi Goldfields Environment, Ghana: Earth Sciences Malaysia (ESMY) 4(1) 71-76
    33. Foli, G., Agyemang, K., Brako, B.A., Gawu, S.K.Y., Nude P.M. (2020) Characterisation of alluvial gold exploration data to improve gold recovery in Ghana. Arabian Journal of Geoscience13
    34. Opoku, P., Gikunoo, E., Arthur, E., Foli, G (2020) Removal of Selected Heavy Metals and Metalloids from an Artisanal Gold Mining Site in Ghana using Indigenous Plant Species; Cogent Environmental Science;
    35. Casmed Charles Amadu, Alfred Awotwi, Gordon Foli, and Simon K.Y. Gawu (2021) Rock fracture characterization and discrete network modeling and its implication for groundwater flow in crystalline rocks of south?eastern Ghana. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment
    36. Owusu-Nimo, F.; Mohammed S.; Foli (2021) Assessing the quality of compaction of clay liner using electrical resistivity measurements;  ..................
    37. Owusu-Nimo, F.; Yizaa Dery, ; Foli G.  (2021) Delineation of uncontrolled seepage pathway within an earth dam using geo-electrical methods;   ...................



    • Comparative Study of some Paleoproterozoic rocks occurring in the Upper West region and similar units in the Tarkwaian group: Ghana Institution of Geoscientists. 2019 Annual National Conference. UMAT, Tarkwa (13-16th, 2019)
    • Training Programme for key Mining Sector Institutions on Mine Closure and post Closure Planning: Canadian International Resources and Development Institute. City Escape Hotel, Accra, Ghana. (March 20-24, 2017)


    • Forum for Emergency Procedures and Response and Implementation: Geological Survey Department, Eastern Region (28-29th, Nov., 2014)


    • CoE Initiation Lecture Series on the topic; Pre-mining Water Quality prediction from non-weathered sulphide ores using Acid-Base accounting procedure (29/03/2012)


    • Prediction of Arsenic Contamination and Management in Mine Drainage Newmont forum on exploration: Eusbert Hotel, Sunyani (19-21/08/2013)

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