Dr. Ralph Nyadu-Addo

Senior Lecturer

Dept: Publishing Studies

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Research Areas/Interests

Entrepreneurship, Creative Industry, Business of Music, Small Business Management...~more

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Grants/Funds Awarded


  1. Initiated proposal to HFC Bank for the establishment of a modern shopping mall in KNUST-Kumasi, Ghana worth (4 million USD).


  1. Chairman of KNUST Catholic Chaplaincy New Chapel fundraising committee. Target is $1.5 million USD.


  1. Initiated the establishment of the Industry and Professional Relations Office at CASS in 2005 with the support of Prof. Bour. As the first Head, I have been instrumental in linking the university with over 80 institutions with the signing of MoU with some. I was giving an award for raising over almost 1,000,000 USD in cash, equipment, ICT facilities, sponsorship, in kind etc. The CASS Toyota pick-up at the Provost office is part;


  1. Team leader in sourcing USD$ 460,000.00 from the World Bank and ITES (Ministry of Communications) to promote job creation through the establishment of Kumasi Business Incubator (KBI);


  1. Part of the team that raised 400,000 Euro from DAAD, Germany to implement the African German Entrepreneurship Academy (AGEA). The project is from 2017-2020. With Leipzig University and KNUST as lead, the project seek to train 15 universities in Ghana and Rwanda on modern entrepreneurship and business incubation


  1. Part of proposal writers with University of Leipzig, Germany to DAAD and BMZ to kick start the Intelligence for Innovation (in4in Africa Network) to promote innovation in SMEs (2013-2016). It is worth 258,490.00 Euros;


  1. Solicited various funds and equipment from HFC Bank totalling over 100,000 USD. These were in the form of computers, LCD projectors and sponsored several programmes. Sponsorship of the JAR Journal is also part. Raised GH¢ 50,000.00 from HFC Bank GH. Ltd. towards Entrepreneurship Promotion in KNUST, in March, 2014;


  1. Drafted proposal to Airtel Telecommunication for renovation and furnishing of Centre for Business Development at the Commercial Area ($100,000 USD including furniture and ICT/Internet installations). The ICT facilities provided include free telephone service worth 1200 Ghana Cedis per year and free internet access with four routers valued at over 5000 Ghana Cedis per year;


  1. Raised USD$ 50,000.00 from The Royal Bank Ghana Ltd. towards annual CASS Awards Day, in January, 2014; Facilitated the establishment of The Royal Bank branch on KNUST campus.


  1. Drafted proposal to Technip UK (Ghana branch) for furnishing of conference room and Computer lab and Resource Centre worth almost $45,000 USD;


  1. Facilitated cooperation between the KNUST Library and the Royal Tropical Institute of the Netherlands. Almost 45,000 Euros sponsored in training, software development and travelling.


  1. I sourced GH¢207,000 Ghana Cedis insurance package from NSIA Insurance Ghana Ltd. for the Centre for Business Development building and equipment. The only public structure in KNUST to be fully insured;


  1. Introduced Compuprint/Packaging logistics (my former company). The sponsor key programmes and sourced fairly used printing machines worth over £27,000 UK Pounds;


  1. Successfully drafted proposal with Provost Bour to the Ghana Association of Bankers to establish the Chair for Banking and Finance at KSB, KNUST worth 20,000 USD annually;


  1. As an event planner and fund raiser, assisted in the launch and fundraising activities in connection with the book “Future of the Tree” of the College of Architecture and Planning, edited by Prof. K.K. Adarkwa. I was able to raise over ¢25,000 Ghana Cedis worth of free media publicity in the print and electronic media and general media interviews. Over ¢35,000 was raised during the launching;


  1. Organised my year group (Book Industry 1993 year group) to donate teaching and learning aid with $5000.00 USD to Department of Publishing Studies (1/11/2013). Next phase of the package is to mobilise USD 25,000 in two years to renovate, equip and furnish at least one lecture theatre and library with modern amenities;


  1. Introduced Heidelberg Printing Company of Germany into KNUST. The benefits of the relations include
  2. $25,000 USD rebate on new 2-colour (A3) printing machine for KNUST Press (UPK)
  3. Pledged 25,000 Euros rebate on new 2-colour printing machine for Dept. of Publishing Studies for training programme.
  4. Sponsorship of annual Entrepreneurship Graduation (32,000 Ghana Cedis so far)
  5. Part sponsored of KNUST students and lecturers to printing fairs in Germany (DRUPA 2004, 2008, 2012) IPEX UK (2006, 2010)
  6. Donated several books and audio visuals to Department of Publishing Studies
  7. Sponsored tour of 15 publishing students to key academic, cultural and printing companies (publishing, newspaper and paper producing factory) in Germany


  1. Main driver and fundraiser for the annual KNUST Entrepreneurship Clinic. Raised almost GH¢20,000 in 2013.


  1. Sourced GH¢11,200 Ghana Cedis from Ghana Commercial Bank for drilling mechanised borehole for KATH hostel;



Won 3.8 million Euros DAAD sponsored "African Centre for Career Enhancement & Skills Support" (ACCESS) - 2020-2024

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