Dr. Kwabena Asubonteng

Senior Lecturer

Research Areas/Interests

With my special expertise in Indigenous Leather Art and Technology my research and knowledge development activities centered on:   Promoting sus...~more

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Asubonteng Kwabena (Ph.D) is a Senior Lecturer in the Integrated Rural Art and Industry Section of the Department of Industrial Art, Faculty of Art, College of Built Environment in the Kwame Nkrunmah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ashanti – Ghana. He has Ph.D in Art Education (KNUST, Kumasi), with research focus in Leather Art. I have Bachelor of Art in IRAI (KNUST, Kumasi) and Certificate in Leather Studies (UK). I researcher into Indigenous Leather Art, Indigenous Leather Technology, Leatherwork Education, and promote capacity building in leather craft. I have special interest in the promotion of standarziation in leather, leather artifacts and related materials towards improving quality and sustainability. I also render consultancy services to Visual Artists, NGOs and Art related businesses. I am a motivational Speaker in Art Education, Leather Art Entrepreneurship and Capacity building in Leather Crafts. He is currently the Senior Hall Tutor at the Queen Elizabeth II Hall, KNUST, the Head of Section of the the Integrated Rural Art and Industry Programme at KNUST. In addition, I also work as the Operations Manager of the Asubonteng Bedrock Foundation which provides healthcare support for people in the Rural communities. I have mentored and still mentoring young people in the University and Senior High Institutions in Ghana. I love community service, research and building good academic and professional relationship with young men and women in order to edge the on in life.


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