Dr. Kafui Kwesi Agyeman


Dept: Industrial Art

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Research Areas/Interests

Research Areas Wood and metal Integration, metal production and fabrication, Wood Carving and General woodwork Design Material Integration General Re...~more

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    1. Iddrisu Y., Agyeman, K. K. & and Adu-Gyamfi V. E., 2018. Documentation of Some Identified Functions and Contexts of Traditional Pottery in Northern Ghana. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 6(3): 1-9, 2018; Article no. ARJASS.41150, ISSN: 2456-4761
    2. Agyeman, K. K., Clement, & Quaye, H. A. (2016). Design Considerations in Wood and Metal Integration. International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), 5(1), 320–332.
    3. Quaye, H.A., Agyeman, K. K. & Tachie-mensah, J., 2016. Application of Palm Kernel Shells in Costume Jewellery. International Journal of Innovative Research and Design, 5(1), pp.193–201.
    4. Agyeman, K. K. (2008). Introduction to 3-D Designing. In Training Manual on Art and Craft (pp. 7-11). Accra: Sakva.


    Conference Presentations

    1. Agyeman, K. K., Quaye H. A., and Iddrisu Y. (2017). The “Dadesen” For the Making of Drums, NAD-KIDeC (Kumasi International Design Conference) 11th to 13th September, 2017, KNUST.
    2. Iddrisu Y., Adu-Gyamfi V., and Agyeman, K. K. (2017). Some Functions and Contexts of Traditional Pottery in Naakpili Community in Northern Ghana FAAT Conference: Tokoradi Polytechnic: 17th May, 2017


    Other Presentations

    • Agyeman K. K. (2018). Proposed KNUST Tourism Project. 85TH MEETING OF THE KNUST WELFARE SERVICES BOARD. A.S.Y. Andoh Conference Room, Main Administration Block, Kumasi, Ghana. 3rd October, 2018.
    • Agyeman K. K., Akpenyo M., and Agbeko G. (2016). Investigation into Locally Used Straw Dyes Towards Local Production. CONFERENCE ON TECHNICAL BARRIERS TO TRADE FOR THE HANDICRAFT VALUE CHAIN. La Villa Boutique Hotel, Accra, Ghana. January, 2017.
    • Agyeman K. K., Akpenyo M., and Agbeko G. (2016). THE RELEVANCE OF ACADEMIA TO THE ART INDUSTRY. CONFERENCE ON TECHNICAL BARRIERS TO TRADE. Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Accra, Ghana. October, 2016.
    • Agyeman K. K. (2015). The Concept of the KNUST Tourism Project. KNUST TOURISM PROJECT COMMITTEE MEETING. Technology Consultancy Center Conference Room, TCC, Kumasi, Ghana. 26th February, 2016.
    • Agyeman K. K. (2015). KNUST Tourism Project. 10TH INTER-DEPARTMENTAL SEMINAR. Faculty of Art Conference Room, College of Art and Built Environment, Kumasi, Ghana. 26th November, 2015.
    • Agyeman K. K. (2014). The Ghanaian Impression on the Craft Exchange Programme. CONFERENCE ON CRAFT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME BETWEEN INDIA AND GHANA ON WOODEN HANDICRAFT. National Centre for Design and Product Development. Okhla Industrial Estate – III, New Delhi. March, 2014.
    • Agyeman K. K. (2014). The Expectation of the Ghanaian wood Craftsmen. CONFERENCE ON CRAFT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME BETWEEN INDIA AND GHANA ON WOODEN HANDICRAFTS (WOOD CARVING). Common Facility Center (CFC), Mandi Samiti Road, Shaharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. April, 2014.


    • Agyeman K. K. (2016). The Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB) Beauty Queen Seat. The “Dadesen” Concept, Department of Integrated Rural Art and Industry. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi.
    • Agyeman K. K. (2016). Road Map for Boat Canal for Canoe Safari in KNUST. KNUST Tourism Project, Kumasi
    • Agyeman K. K. (2016). Horse Wagon Development Report. KNUST Tourism Project, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi.
    • Agyeman K. K. (2016). Road Map for KNUST Tourism Project. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi.
    • KNUST TOURISM PROJECT COMMITEE (2016). Report on the Viability of the KNUST Tourism Project. Kumasi: KNUST.
    • Agyeman, K. K., Asubonteng, K., Clement, F. A., & Padittey, E. (2013). Introduction to Computer. Committee on the introduction of Computer Literacy into the IRAI Programme. IRAI – KNUST, Kumasi:
    • Osei, M., Agyman, K. K., Badu, A. K., Adjei, K., & Adashie, M. (2014). Proposed Internship Policy for The Faculty Of Art. Kumasi: Knust.


    Knowledge/Research Dissemination (conferences, workshops, etc)


    • Information and Technology Transfer Workshop (India Wood Craft). Aburi Industrial Centre. – 19th May, 2015
    • India – Ghana Craft Skill Transfer Workshop. Centre for National Culture. Kumasi - 21st May, 2015.
    • Cultural Initiative Support Programme (CISP) Training Programmes for Art and Craft Practitioners. (2008 - 2010)
    • World Wide Fund (WWF) - West African Forest Programme Office (WAFPO): Neem tree alternative for carving project for the Aburi Industrial Centre. (2008)

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