Mr. Christopher Yaw Nyinevi


Research Areas/Interests


    International Law 

    1. The Making of Treaties under the Municipal Law of Ghana: A Review of the ‘Guantanamo Detainees Case’ (2019) Lancaster University Ghana Law Journal 99.

    2. “Spare the Sinner; Punish the Righteous”: A Review of the Supreme Court of Ghana Jurisprudence on International Business Transactions  in RICHARD F. OPPONG & KISSI AGYEBENG (eds.) A COMMITMENT TO LAW, DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLIC POLICY: A FESTSCHRIFT IN  HONOUR OF NANA DR. SKB ASANTE (Wildy, Simmonds & Hill, 2016) 175.

    3. Universal Civil Jurisdiction: An Option for Global Justice in Climate Change Litigation (2015) 8(3) Journal of Politics & Law 135.

    Human Rights and Comparative Constitutional Law 

    4. Challenges to Judicial Enforcement of Socioeconomic Rights in Africa: Comparative Lessons from Ghana and South Africa in MICHAEL ADDANEY & MICHAEL G. NYARKO, GHANA AT 60: GOVERNANCE AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN 21ST CENTURY AFRICA, (Pretoria: Pretoria University Law Press, 2017) 146.

    5. "To Admit or not to Admit: A Comparative Constitutional Perspective on Illegally Obtained Evidence in Ghana",  (2016) 42(4) Commonwealth Law Bulletin  538  (Co-author: Maame Efua A. Koom).

    6. "The Separation of Church and State under Ghana’s Fourth Republic", Journal of Politics & Law Vol. 8 No. 4 (2015)  283 (Co-author: Edmund N. Amasah).

    Legal Research, Ghanaian Customary Law and Others

    7. A Review of the Legislative Reform of Customary Arbitration in Ghana (2019) 45(4) Commonwealth Law Bulletin 587 (Co-author: Bakhita M Koblavie).

    8. “Seeking the Dead among the Living”: The Misconceived Quest to Find the Foss v Harbottle Rule in Ghana’s Company Law (2016-2017) KNUST Law Journal 34 (Co-author: Ebenezer A. Bediako).

    9. Winnowing the Chaff out of the Grains: The Intermixture of Customary Law and Spiritualism in Ghana, (2015) 41(4) Commonwealth Law Bulletin 555.

    10. The Lawyer’s Companion: A Guide to Researching Ghanaian Case Law (Self-Published, 2016)  (ISBN: 9789988228057) | 727 pages (Co-author: Kwamina Mensah).

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