Prof. Nathaniel Boso

Associate Professor

Dept: Marketing and Corporate Strategy
PMB, KNUST School of Business, Kumasi, Ghana

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Research Areas/Interests

Internationalization of African Firms Disruptive Innovation and Business Models International Entrepreneurship Global Logistics, Operations and S...~more


    SCHOLARLY JOURNAL ARTICLES (Chartered Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Quality Guide and Financial Times Rated Journals Only)

    Published Articles

    1. Donbesuur, F., Boso, N., & Hultman, M. (2020). The effect of entrepreneurial orientation on new venture performance: Contingency roles of entrepreneurial actions, Journal of Business Research,, AJG Rating: 3

    2. Nwoba, A., Boso, N & Robson, M.J. (2020). Corporate sustainability strategies in institutional adversity: antecedent, outcome, and contingency effects,  Business Strategy and the Environment,,  AJG Rating: 3

    3. Essuman, D., Boso, N., & Annan, J. (2020). Operational resilience, disruption, and efficiency: Conceptual and empirical analyses. International Journal of Production Economics,, AJG Rating: 3

    4. Adeola, O. N Boso, N. Osabutey, E.L.C. & Evans, O. (2020).Foreign Direct Investment and Tourism Development in Africa, Tourism Analysis, 10.3727/108354220X15957702910144, AJG Rating: 2

    5. Assadinia, S., Kadile, V., Golgeci, I. & Boso, N. (2019). The Effects of Learning Orientation and Marketing Program Planning on Export Performance: Paradoxical Moderating Role of Psychic Distance, International Small Business Journal, 10.1177/0266242619831914, AJG Rating: 3

    6. Hultman, M., Yeboah-Banin, A. & Boso, N. (2019). Linking improvisational behavior to customer satisfaction: The relational dynamics, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 10.1108/JBIM-11-2017-0298, AJG Rating: 2
    7. Boso, N., Adeleye, I., Ibeh, K., & Chizema, A. (2019). The internationalization of African firms: Opportunities, challenges, and risks, Thunderbird International Business Review, 61:5–12, AJG Rating: 2
    8. Micevski, M., Dewsnap, B., Cadogan, J. Kadic-Maglajlic, S., & Boso, N. (2018), Sales intra-functional flexibility: its relationship to performance and moderating effects on role stressors, Journal of Business Research, 10.1016/j.jbusres.2018.12.021, AJG Rating: 3
    9. Hughes, P., Souchon, A.L., Nemkova, E., Hodgkinson, I.R., Oliveira, J.S., Boso, N., Hultman, M., Yeboah-Banin, A.A. & Sy-Changco, J. (2018). Quadratic effects of dynamic decision-making capability on innovation orientation and performance: evidence from Chinese exporters, Industrial Marketing Management,, AJG Rating: 3
    10. Boso, N., Adeleye, I., Donbesuur, F. & Gyensare, M. (2018). Do entrepreneurs always benefit from business failure experience? Journal of Business Research,, AJG Rating: 3
    11. Adomako, S., Danso, A., Boso, N., & Narteh, B. (2018). Entrepreneurial alertness and new venture performance: facilitating roles of networking capability, International Small Business Journal, 36(5), 453–472, AJG Rating: 3
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    13. Kadic-Maglajlic, S., Boso, N. & Micevski, M. (2017). How does Internal Marketing Drive Customer Satisfaction in Matured and Maturing European Markets? Journal of Business Research,, AJG Rating: 3
    14. Boso, N., Adeola, O., Danso, A. & S. Assadinia (2017). The Effect of Export Marketing Capabilities on Export Performance: Moderating Role of Dysfunctional Competition, Industrial Marketing Management,, AJG Rating: 3
    15. Adeola, O., Boso, N. & Evans, O. (2017). Drivers of international tourism demand in Africa, Business Economics, DOI 10.1057/s11369-017-0051-3, AJG : 1
    16. Boso, N., Donbesuur, F., Bendega, T., Annan, J. & Adeola, O. (2017). Does organizational creativity always drive market performance? Psychology & Marketing, DOI:10.1002/mar.21039 CABS Rating: 3
    17. Boso, N., Danso, A., Leonidou, C., Uddin, M.M., Adeola, O., & Hultman, M. (2017). Does Financial Resource Slack Drive Sustainability Expenditure in Developing Economy Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises? Journal of Business Research, AJG Rating: 3
    18. Kadi?-Maglajli?, S., Micevski, M., Lee, N.J., Boso N., & Vida I. (2017). Synergies and Tensions across Three-level Ethical Influences on Selling Behavior and Performance, Journal of Business Ethics, doi:10.1007/s10551-017-3588-1 Financial Times 50 Elite Journal and AJG Rating: 3
    19. Amankwah-Amoah, J. Boso, N., & Deborah, J. (2017). Africa Rising in an Emerging World: An International Marketing Perspective, International Marketing Review, DOI: 10.1108/IMR-02-2017-0030. AJG Rating: 3
    20. Boso, N., Deborah, J. & Amankwah-Amoah, J. (2017). International Marketing Strategies of Emerging Market Firms: Nature, Boundary Conditions, Antecedents, and Outcomes, International Marketing Review, DOI: 10.1108/IMR-01-2017-0008. AJG Rating: 3
    21. Boso, N., Oghazi, P. & Hultman, M. (2017). International Entrepreneurial Orientation and Regional Expansion, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 27 (2), 4-26. AJG Rating: 3
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      Adeola, O., Boso, N. & Adeniji, J. (2018). Bridging Institutional Distance: An Emerging Market Entry Strategy for Multinational Enterprises, Emerging Issues in Global Marketing, 205-230.
    35. Adeleye, I., Amankwah-Amoah, J., Boso, N., & Esposito, M. (2018). Africa’s Competitiveness in the Global Economy: Past, Present and Future, Africa’s Competitiveness in the Global Economy, 1-22
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    41. Gyensare, M.A., Boso, N., Anku-Tsede, O., & Okpoti, C.A. (forthcoming). Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Employee Engagement in Challenging Times: Exploring the mediating Mechanism of Corporate Ethical Values in the Ghanaian Mining Sector. In Idowu S. O. & Vertigans, S., (Eds.), Corporate Social Responsibility in Challenging Times, Springer.
    42. Boso, N., Deleye, I., & White, L. (2016). Africa-to-Africa Internationalization: Emerging Trends and Key Issues.  In Deleye, I., White, L.  & Boso, N. (Eds), Africa-to-Africa Internationalization: Key Issues and Outcome, Palgrave Macmillan, London.
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    44. Edited Book
    45. Deleye, I., White, L. & Boso, N. (2016).  Africa-to-Africa Internationalization: Key Issues and Outcome, Palgrave Macmillan, London.

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