Dr. Mariama Marciana Kuusaana


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    Donkoh, W. J., Perbi, A. A., & Kuusaana, M. M., 'The Impact of Colonial Labour Policy on Female Migration fron Northern Ghana to Asante', in Eric Sakyi Nketyia (ed), Distance Forum Volume I: Bloomington, AuthorHouse, 2011. Pp 64-73.

    Kuusaana, M. M., 'The Ghanaian Informal Sector in a Historical Perspective', in Eric Sakyi Nketia, (ed), Distance Forum Volume 2: Accra, Hebron Publishers, 2013. Pp 232-252.

    Kuusaana, M. M., 'Impact of the First World War on Labour Recruitment in the North of the Gold Coast (Ghana)', in Botchway De-Valera and Osei Kwarteng Kwame, (eds), Africa and the First World War: Remembrance, Memories and Representaions after 100 Years,Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018. Pp 79-90.

    Kuusaana, M. M., 'A Trilateral Blame Game of Northern Ghana's Underdevelopment: The British Colonial Administration, the Post-Colonial Governements or the "Beast Within"?', in Bolaji, M. H. A. and Apusigah, A. A., (eds), Critical Notes on Northern Ghana's Development: History, Geography, Institutions, Politics, and Development in Contention, USA, NOVE sCIENCE pUBLISHERS, 2018.


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