Prof. Marian Asantewah Nkansah

Associate Professor

Dept: Chemistry
Chemistry Building- Opposite the Common Room

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Interested in finding solutions to environment problems associated with the levels and fate of toxic substances such as heavy/trace metals, persistent...~more

Tribute To A Professor Emeritus: A Chemistry Legend


You taught them all and so they taught

You taught the retired professor

You taught the professor the retired professor taught

You taught those who were taught by the professor you taught who was taught by the retired professor who you taught that they might ‘prophesy’ one day after having taught

You taught organic chemistry as effortlessly as gathering of pebbles from the seashore

You spoke the queens English so eloquently that none could get bored

You commanded the science from empirical formula determination to mechanisms of reactions and left your audience with awe

You will not practice mediocrity nor tolerate it because that left your head sore

You kept to time and the discipline of chemistry with a nature so pristine

You taught four generations of scientists from the league of your peers to those grandchildren alike

You taught them all and mentored them all that they may also teach and mentor

You excelled to what to your peers was but a dream

You conducted your affairs like you had a call what to others was like a chore

You chalked laurels both as an academic and a statesman

Yet you will yield to annihilation like all earthly bodies will

A pivot has lost its balance and lost its inertia.

Indeed a great molecule has expired from its known state

Evaporated to extinction beyond mortal repair

We despair not for you transition to interment

A transition state unseen with the naked eye unaided

Yet known to exist and perceived by those who know

You leave this temporal state to a place better to go

You leave this transient state to a form to equilibrium so close

You leave this ephemeral world to transcend all odds

That you may be at rest.

At rest for that which matters

And had mattered right from the start

The rest, the place of rest for all matter.

At rest in eternal inertia

The ultimate fate of all matter that exists and ever will"

Adieu Professor Francis Addo Kufuor Rest in Perfect Peace


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